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Biology Questions For Competitive Exams – Part 3

Biology For Competitive Exams

 Biology For Competitive Exams 

Learn Biology For Competitive Exams Group 1 2 3, Banks | RRB’s

Welcome to your Biology Test 3

The chemical bonds that exists between monosaccharides in a Di saccharides or in a Poly saccharidess are called 
Condition of loss of melanin in patches on the skin is
Intermediate lobe produces a hormone 
The Delivery of baby is because of stimulating 
Treatment for HIV patients is called as
A pea sized gland below the brain is
Size of Virus
The glands which release tears from eyes
SARS is defined as
Acromegaly is condition of 
Protein Deficiency is called as
Fungi, pick the odd
Hypo secretion of growth hormone in adults leads to
Lack of carbohydrates leads to 
The anterior lobes of pituitary gland releases hormones called 
Hypo secretion of growth hormone in children leads to 
Virus that can integrate its genetic material with the host cell DNA called as
Proteins are the combination of 
Majority of Proteins in the body function as
The glands which release oil on skin

Leaderboard for Biology Test 3

1. ssss-70%
2. Sonali Yadav-60%
3. Shaikh sana-35%
4. -10%
5. -


Biology For Competitive Exams

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Biology For Competitive Exams

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