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Biology Questions For Competitive Exams – Part 2

Biology for Competitive Exams

Biology For Competitive Exams

Bits : Biology For Competitive Exams

Welcome to Biology Test 2

Total number of atoms present in single Sucrose 
Lactose, milk sugar formed by reaction of 
The Virus which is present in Intestine of birds
The Virus which spreads by Insects called
Extra Glucose is stored in liver in the form of 
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) causes
chikungunya spreads by 
The chemicals that are exclusively synthesized in the living organism is
Influenza or Flu caused by group of viruses called
Kuru disease, causes due to ritual cannibalism damages
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is discovered by
Yellow Fever spreads by 
Dengue Fever spreads by 
Bird flu first started in 
Smallest living cells in plants are
Viriods are RNA infectious particles causing diseases in 
Mad cow disease may attack in humans, which is called as 
Japanese encephalitis virus, which is a flavi virus spreads by 
Normal Flu is treated by medicines
Study of functions of Body

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Biology For Competitive Exams

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Biology for Competitive Exam

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