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Biology Questions For Competitive Exams – Part 4

BBiology For Competitive Exams

Biology Questions For Competitive Exams

Learn Biology Questions for competitive exams Group 1 2 3, Banks | RRB’s

Welcome to Biology Test 4

Study of Fungus
Conversion of non carbohydrates like fats and proteins into the glucose
Study of worms
The endocrine part of pancreas called 
The study of Male reproductive system 
Combination of exocrine and endocrine gland 
Largest of the endocrine gland is 
Fight flight hormones are 
Hypo secretion of ADH leads to a condition of excess water lose in urine called
The glands which is close to heart between two lungs 
Thyroid gland produces hormones
Study of cell nuclei
Insulin was first discovered in 
The most important mineraloCorticoid is 
Type 2 Diabetes means, pick odd
Study of Tumours
Type 1 Diabetes means, pick odd
Study of Reptiles and Amphibians
Which hormone stimulates the construction of blood vessel thereby increases the blood pressure 
Worlds diabetes day is celebrated on 


Leaderboard for Biology Test 4

1. Naresh-95%
2. Darshini-80%
3. Deeya-55%
4. Sonali Yadav-50%
5. -5%

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Biology questions for competitive exams

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