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Leonardo da Vinci Painting, Auctioning for $100 Million

Rare Leonardo da Vinci Painting will going Auction for $100 Million

Salvator Mundi

Image Credit : christies

The work, dating from around 1500, is one of fewer than 20 known paintings by Leonardo. It was first recorded in the royal collection of King Charles I in the early 1600s, then changed hands, dropped out of sight and was later acquired “as a work by Leonardo’s follower,” Christie’s said. “Christ’s face and hair were overpainted.”

The Painting dated back 1500, its one of the rare piece of paintings by Leonardo. As per Christie,” Christ face and hair were overpainted”.

Dates of Public Exhibition

13–16 October, Hong Kong

18–20 October, San Francisco

24–26 October, London

and 28 October – 15 November, New York

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