1857 Revolt in Hyderabad State | Study Material and MCQ Questions

Telangana History 1857 Revolt in Hyderabad

Causes and Results of 1857 Revolt of Hyderabad

Important events during 1857 Revolt in Hyderabad

1. Rebellion by the Aurangabad Contingent Forces

2. Attack on Residency

3. Revolt of Raja Venkatappa Naik

4. Rebellion by Malked koppal

5. Rebellion of Nargund Zamindar

6. Conspiracy case of Ranga Rao

7. Mutiny by Rohillas

8. Rebellion of Ramji Gond

9. Mutiny by Bhils

10. Case of Jahangir Khan

11. Kukatpalli Incident

12.Conspiracy case of Bhir

13. Khalki conspiracy case

14. Vasudev Balvant Phadke Incident

15. Rebellion of Rekapalli

Nizam King during 1857 Revolt: Afzal-ud-Daula

Nizam Prime Minister During 1857 Revolt: Mir Turab Ali Khan alias Salar Jung I

British Residents During 1857: Colonel Cuthbert Davidson (1857–1862)

Study Material on 1857 Revolt in Hyderabad State

1) Afzal-ud-Daula belonging to Asaf Jahi dynasty, 5th ruler of Hyderabad state in the year of 1857. He ruled Hyderabad state only for 12 years long.

2) Afzal-ud-Daula ruled for 12 yrs, shortest of all Nizam Rulers

3) Samasthanas Kings(Princely states/Estates) were greatly affected under the administrative system of British. Dalhousie with his succession system(reforms in Administration) evoked deeply distrust of the local rulers.

4) The Mughul emperor  Bahadur shah Zaffar, forcibly removed from Red Fort and was ordered by Dalhousie to spend his time in Mehrauli. Lord Canning proclaimed Bahadursha Zafar to be the last Emperor 

5) The arrogant superiority of the British had severe blow to the self-respect of the great Mughals who ruled India for nearly 300 years.

6) Mutiny first started in Meerut 

7) The revolt did not start in South India i e., Hyderabad instantly. Though it began late, people showed their extreme displeasure towards the British  

8) Alija and his friends Sadasivas Reddy and Raja Mahipatram were first tried armed rebellion.   

9) The Wahabi movement was initiated by Absul Wahab Nejdi of Saudi to restore the greatness of Islam. Movement started India in 1820 with Peshawar in Afghanistan as the center of the movement

10) Wahabi movement started in India by Sayyed Ahmed Brailvi. In Hyderabad movement was carried by Mubariz-ud-Daula son of Nasiruddaula and his followers and also Ghulam Rassool Khan Nawab of Kurnool

11) Berar which was part of the Nizam state was obtained by the British in 1853.

12) In kerala, the Mopla Muslims started revolting towards Britishers by inspiring Wahabis movement. Followers of Tantiya Tope in Hyderabad wore the robes of mendicants and saints and preached against the British.

13) At the time of revolt, there were 500+ princely states in India. Among Hyderabad state was largest

14) In delicate situation(1857) the British feared of Nizam joining hands with the rebels. Britishers thought unless the Nizam of Hyderabad came to their help, the revolt cannot be crushed.

15) Britishers promised to Nizams to clear off their loans and return of Berar once the revolt brought to end

16) Nizam were very loyal to Britishers, it was observed that Nasir-ud-Daula advised his son to be loyal to the Britishers in his last days. As a result, due to the manipulating  and planning, Hyderabad became safe for the British from the Mutineers

17) In 1857 the Hyderabad Army was reduced to a large extent. 

18) Captain Abbot belongs to the 1st Cavalry Regiment did not allowed Muslim soldiers to do prayers. Muharram processions and ‘Matham’ public grief was not allowed by Brigadier Mackanzie. These were unbearable to the Muslim soldiers and led to outrage and hatred towards Britishers 

19) Mullahs and Maulvies took advantage of the First Cavalry Regiment and raised against Britishers. Nobles and landlords encouraged the mutineers out of anger against Nizam and the British

20) Salar Jung deployed strong Arab army to suppress the revolts 

21) People against the British announced Jihad. Maulvies issued Fatwas asking Zamindars and Qajis to announce war against the British 

22) Muslims decided to congregate in Mecca Masjid on Friday the 25th Shaval 1273, and proceed from there.

23) Hyderabad state having two types of military i.e., Contingent army and Nizam’s army

24) The contingent Army was stationed at Elichpur, Aurangabad, Mominabad, Gulbarga, Hingoli, Bollaram, Warangal, Maktal, Lingasugur, and Buldana’s hilly tracts for protection.

25) The Nizam’s Army, Native soldiers consisted of not more than 30000 men. These were under Jamedars. The Jamedars were mostly Sikhs, Arabs, and Rohillas of Natives.

26) Col. Davidson in 1857 died because of Rushbee.

27) Many revolted against Nizam and Britishere, some were Maulvi Ibhrahim and Khamosh Shah. Khamosh Shah was a Fakir belongs to the higher class. His followers joined hands with Maulvi Abdullah and Maulvi Allah-ud-din and spread ideas of treason among people and soldiers(Boyinapalli Fouz).

28) The mutiny of 1857 in Hyderabad can be observed in 3 stages.

a) Rebellion by the Aurangabad Contingent Force

b) Attack on the Residency

c) The rebellion and conspiracy in different places of the state.

29) Maulvies requested Nizam’s to release Chidakhan and his followers. They plan to attack Hyderabad Residency on 17th July 1857 if their request of release denied.

30) Salar Jung informed Col.Davidson that the people assembled in Mecca Masjid may proclaim Jihad and riots may start on 17th July Friday.

31) On July 17th Salar jung informed Col.Davidson about 500 Rohillas under the leadership of Turrebaz Khan and Maulvi Allauddin were coming towards the Residency. 

32) Rohillas occupied and controlled the western side of the Residency, one belonging to Jaigopal Das and the second to Abbin Sahib. Both of them were traders. They also occupied the area towards Dilsukh Gardens.

33) Nizam announced a reward of 5000 on Turrebaz Khan and Maulvi Allauddin 

34)  Turrebaz Khan escaped but he was arrested on 22nd July at Mogulaguda. He was produced in the Karmat Ali Magistrate Criminal Court. Civil Court Magistrate Fazlulla recorded statements.

35) Turrebaz Khan awarded life imprisonment. When shifting to Andaman Jail, he escaped at Mogiligidda. Later he was arrested near Toopran with help of Kurban Ali. He died in assisting arrest, his body was hanged in Koti, Hyderabad

36) Maulvi Allauddin run away to Bangalore. He was caught at Mangalapalli. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Andaman on 28th June 1859. He died there in 1884.

37)  Revolt of Raja Venkatappa Naik

a) Shorapur is an area under the control of Gulbarga. Philips Meadows Taylor was appointed as political administrator and protector of Raja Venkattappa Nalik as his father died while he was minor 

b) Philips Meadows Taylor handed Samasthanam(Region) to Raja Venkatappa Naik in 1853

c) Shorapur was a Maratha area, it came under the control of Nizam, Raja Venkatappa Naik expected to become independent from Nizam and the British while the rebellion of 1857 was underway.

d) Nanasahib and the Zamindar of Raichur promised to help Raja Venkatappa Naik and could made the king of the area from Shorapur to Rameswaram. Because of that, Raja Venkatappa Naik took part in the rebellion(1857).

e) Raja Venkatappa Naik was caught and Col.Davisson awarded him the death penalty. With the interference of Taylor it was converted to life imprisonment. When he was being shifted to Chengalput near Madras he committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun of a soldier.

38) The rebellion of Malked Koppal

a) Bhimrao the Jamindar of Mundargi, Nadagound and Kenchan Gowda, Desai of Hummigi. Bhimrao revolted against British along with Desai of Sartur, Desai of Dambal SrinivasVenkatadri, Desai of Hummigi Kenchan Gowda, and Desai of Govinkos Survadas Goud.

b) Bhimrao, Kenchan Goud and their associates died in the battle of the Koppal Fort on 1st June, 1858

39) The rebellion of Nargund Zamindar

a) Zamindar of Nargund, Bhaskara Rao revolted aganist British in view to became independent. He Killed Manson, Bristrish Officer

49) Jamindars of Bombay and Karnataka wanted to rebel along with the rulers of samasthanas on 27th May 1858. But the British suppressed this rebellion. They arrested Bhaskara Rao and took control of his Zamindari.

40) Case of Conspiracy By Rangarao

a) Rangarao, an agent of Nana Sahib, Raja Deep singh Zamindar of koulas, and Safdar-ud-Daula.

b) When the British were crushing the Rohillas, the conspiracy of Rangarao and others was known to them. 

c) Letters sent by Nana Sahib to Zamindars, Patels and Kulkarnis delivered by two men i.e., Sonaji Pandit and Rangarao. With the death of Sonaji Pandit on 26th February 1859, Ranga Rao was delivering the letters up to Hyderabad.

d) Rangarao, Deep Singh(king of Kaulas) and Safdar-ud-Daula were arrested by the British. Rangarao was sent to Andaman, Safdar-ud-Saula was sentenced to life imprisonment and Rajdeep Singh was sentenced to three years prison term.

50) Mutiny by Rohillas

a) Rebellion against Britishers was observed by Rohillas in Basmatinagar as well as in Nirmal area and Bhils in Ajanta area

b) Serious riots took place in the period from 1858-1859 in Ajanta.

c) Rohillas were under the leadership of Nana Sahib

51) Ramji Gond Rebellion

a) The rebellion of Rohillas at Nirmal in Adilabad district under leader Ramjigond. He freed the neighboring areas of Adilabad, made Nirmal as the capital and ruled. There was a battle between the Collector’s forces and Rohillas and 500 Gond troops at Nirmal in April 1860.

b) In the firing many Rohillas and Gonds died.  Ramjigond escaped but caught and sentence of death by hanging. His 1000 associates were hanged to a banyan tree. Because of that banyan tree became popular as “Veyyi Urula Mar” (Banyan tree of 1000 hangings).

Mutiny by Bhils

52) In 1857, Ajanta area Bhills rebelled under the leadership of Bhagoji Nayak

Case of Jahangir Khan

53) After 1857 mutiny Col.Davidson went to Calcutta.  on 15th March 1859, Jahangir Khan fired at the Col.Davidson with a gun, when the Col.Davidson was returning after presenting a gift ‘Kharita’ to the Nizam. Security forces beaten him to death

Kukatpalli Incident

54) Attack on Army Officer Kaston Macintray in 1859 by one of solider. He was Hanged

55) The Case of Conspiracy of Bhir

a) Rao Sahib Peeshwa with his followers came to Deccan to start rebellion. Bala Sahib, a relative of the king Pratap Singh came to Deccan with few followers for rebellion. Pratap Singh kingdom merged with British Empire as per the State Annexation Policy

b) Under the leadership of Balasahib, followers like Devrao Kishan, Vamanrao Kishan, Vithalrao alias Ambaji, Bhir Deshmukh, and Srinivas Sankarrao Deshpande tried rebellion against the British .

c) Rao Sahib Peshwa came to Hyderabad in 1862 and took shelter in Begum Bazar

d) Rao Sahib’s associated with Landlord Rukmareddy of Mortad in Armoor Taluka of Nizamabad district, Lingayya and Antayya, priests of Balamukund area of the city, Baldev Prasad, Madhura Prasad, and Ganesh Singh

e)  Rao Sahib was caught in Kanpur and was hanged in August 1862.

Khalki conspiracy case

56) Rama Rao alias Jung Bahadur was arranging hundreds of followers for the king of Satara and giving them appointment letters (Kaulnama). For this he was arrested and his followers Bhimrao, Balakrishna and vithoba ans sent them to Andaman.

Vasudev Balvant Phadke Incident

57) Noted Maratha rebel Vasudev Balvat Phadke toured Gulbarga in 1879. Resident appointed Abdul Haque as Special Officer, arrested Phadke and sentenced to seven years of rigorous imprisonment.

58) Rebellion of Rekapalli

a) A rebellion in Rampa and the rebels of Rampa attacked the Vaddegudem police station with the help of Ambulreddy.

b) Ramareddy, Ambulreddy, Kakurreddy, Bundel Dora, and Tammidora were to be arrested. They escaped and nobody was caught.

59) To gain support from Nizam’s. Bristish handed over Raichur, Antavedi, Naldurg districts to Nizam. These districts taken over in 1853 from the Nizam to maintain the Hyderabad Contingent. Bristish retained only Berar under their control. The Shorapur Estate was given to the Nizam. They also cleared the debt of 50 Lakhs.

60) Bristish gave the title “The star of India” to the Nizam.

61) The Governor General advised the Nizam to come up with their own currency and coins. As a result, coins were released with the words “Nizam-Ul-Mulk Asafza Bahadur” on one side and “Julus Mymanath Jarb Farkunda Buniyad Hyderabad” on the other side. These were called “Haali Sikka”.

62) Nizam were addressed as a trustworthy friend “Faithful Ally” and “Yaare Waffadar” and  title “Grand Commander Star of India” on 30th August 1861. With that the Knighthood of “Most Exalted Order” was presented.

MCQ Questions 1857 Revolt of Hyderabad

1) Afzal-ud-Daula of the Asaf Jahi dynasty became the 5th rule of Hyderabad state in the year of?

a) 1947

b) 1857

c) 1799

d) 1827

b) 1857

2) The fifth Nizam ruled Hyderabad state only for ___ years?

a) 10

b) 20

c) 12

d) 30

c) 12

3) Samasthanas means ___?

a) Princely States

b) Estates

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

c) Both a and b

4) The Doctrine of Lapse introduced by whom?

a) Dalhousie

b) Fredrick

c) Williamson

d) None of the above

a) Dalhousie

5) ____ Mughul sovereign was forcibly removed from Red Fort and was ordered by Dalhousie to spend his time in Mehrauli.

a) Aurangazeb

b) Bahadursha Zaffar

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

b) Bahadursha Zaffar

6) Great Mughals who ruled India for nearly ___ years.

a) 100

b) 200

c) 300

d) 400

c) 300

7) The Wahabi movement initiated by ___?

a) Britishers

b) Absul Wahab Nejdi

c) Uder the leadership of Sahib

d) None of the above

b) Absul Wahab Nejdi

8) The Wahabi movement entered India in the year of ____?

a) 1820

b) 1920

c) 1858

d) 1857

a) 1820

9) Berar which was part of the ___?

a) Maharastra

b) Nizam

c) Bidar

d) None of the mentioned

b) Nizam

10) Wahabi movement started in India by________________ ? 

a) Sayyed Muzhar

b) Sayyed Ahmed

c) Sayyed Ahmed Brailvi

d) None

c) Sayyed Ahmed Brailvi

11) In kerala, which Muslims started revolting towards Britishers by inspiring Wahabis movement ? 

a) Sunni

b) Shia

c) Mopla 

d) None

e) All of the above

c) Mopla

12) By 1857 the ____ Army was reduced to a large extent.

a) British

b) Hyderabad

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

b) Hyderabad

13) Muharram processions and ‘Matham’ public grief was forbidden by __?

a) Brigadier Mackanzie

b) British Commander

c) Asafjahis

d) None of the above

a) Brigadier Mackanzie

14) Who deployed strong Arab army to suppress the incidence of isolated revolts during 1857

a) Salar Jung

b) Nizam-ul-Mulk

c) Sahib Rao

d) Both a and b

a) Salar Jung

15) The Nizam’s Army of Native soldiers consisted of not more than ____ men?

a) 20000

b) 30000

c) 40000

d) 50000

b) 30000

16) The Jamedars of Nizam’s were mostly ____ of the following?

a) Sikhs

b) Arabs

c) Rohillas

d) All of the above

d) All of the above

17) Col. Davidson died due to  ___?

a) Rushbee

b) British Commander

c) Nizam-ul-Mulk

d) None of the above

a) Rushbee

18) Khamosh Shah was a ___?

a) Poet

b) Artist

c) Fakir

d) Teacher

c) Fakir

19) Prime Minister of Hyderabad during 1857 revolt ?

a) Salar Jung I

b) Afzal-ud-daula

c) Both a and b

d) None

a) Salar Jung I

20) Contingent of First Cavalry was taken up by whom among the following?

a) Captain Bhagatt

b) Capt.H.D.Abbott

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

b) Capt.H.D.Abbott

21) On July 17th salar jung sent a spy to inform that 500 Rohillas under the leadership of ___ were about to attack Hyderabad Residency?

a) Bhaggat

b) Turrebaz Khan

c) Nizam-ul-Mulk

d) None of the above

b) Turrebaz Khan

22) Attack on Hyderabad Residency planned by?

a) Turrebaz Khan

b) Maulvi Allauddin

c) Maulvies

d) a and b

d) a and b

23) The Third Cavalry of Hyderabad went to Buldava under the command of ___?

a) Maqbul

b) Lt. Lenox

c) Capt.H.D.Abbott

d) None of the above

b) Lt. Lenox

24) Maulvi Allauddin died in the year of ___?

a) 1883

b) 1884

c) 1885

d) 1886

b) 1884

25) Bhimrao, Kenchan Goud and their associates died in the battle of the Koppal Fort on?

a) August 15, 1858

b) July 23, 1858

c) June1, 1858

d) September 12, 1858

c) June1, 1858

26) Sonaji Pandit died on?

a) 26th February 1859

b) 27th February 1859

c) 25th February 1859

d) 24th February 1859

a) 26th February 1859

27) Serious riots took place in the period of 1858-1859 in ____?

a) Ajanta

b) Maharastra

c) Karnataka

d) Delhi

a) Ajanta

28) Rebellion of Rohillas took place at Nirmal in _____ district?

a) Adilabad

b) Warangal

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

a) Adilabad

29) The leader of Rohillas at Nirmal in Adilabad was?

a) Ramjigond

b) Sahib Rao

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

a) Ramjigond

30) In 1857 in Ajanta area Bhills rebelled under the leadership of ___?

a) Siddi Nayak

b) Bhagoji Nayak

c) Nizam-ul-Mulk

d) None of the above

b) Bhagoji Nayak

31) Kukatpalli Incident, attack on  ___?

a) British officer Kaston Macintray

b) Col S.C. Brigs

c) Capt Bradely 

d) None of the above

a) Kaston Macintray 

32) Rao Sahib Peshwa came to Hyderabad in the year of ___?

a) 1862

b) 1863

c) 1864

d) 1865

a) 1862

33) Rao Sahib’s associates included ___ among the following?

a) Rukmareddy

b) Armoor

c) Lingayya

d) All of the above

d) All of the above

34) The title of “The star of India” is given to ___?

a) Nizam

b) British

c) Mughal

d) None

a) Nizam

35) Maratha rebel Vasudev Balvat Phadke toured the border districts of Gulbarga in the year of __?

a) 1879

b) 1888

c) 1890

d) 1857

a) 1879

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