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Telangana History for TSPSC Exams

Learn Telangana History Ancient Modern Book for all competitive exams TSPSC, APPSC, Telangana State Police Exam Constable and Sub Inspector SI and Telangana Various State Exams. Free Study material links available below

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TS History 1948 to 2014

Telangana History: Bit BankLinks
T- History Phase: 1948 to 1956Open
T- History Phase: 1959 to 1970Open
T- History Phase: 1971 to 2014Open

Chapter Wise Telangana History Ancient To Modern

Title Links
Pre-Historical AgeOpen
Satavahana AgeOpen
Post Satavahana Age: IkshvakusOpen
Post Satavahana Age: VakatakasOpen
Vishnukund RuleOpen
Chalukyan AgeOpen
Kakatiya Age (PART I)Open
Kakatiya Age (PART II)Open 
Rachakonda Rulers and Musunuri Nayakas (PART I)Open
Rachakonda Rulers and Musunuri Nayakas (PART II)
Bahamani’s RuleOpen
Qutb shahi RuleOpen
Mughal Interregnum and Developments
Rule of Asafjahi:  PART IOpen
Rule of Asafjahi: PART IIOpen
Rule of Asafjahi: PART IIIOpen
Asafjahis Revenue Land Tenure System
1857 Revolt in Hyderabad 
Samsthanas in Hyderabad stateOpen
Modernization in Asafjahi RuleOpen
Folklore and Sub-Castes in TelanganaOpen
Socio-Cultural Awakening in Telangana Open
Bhoodan MovementOpen
Freedom Struggle in Hyderabad stateOpen
Women’s Movement in TelanganaOpen


Title Links
State Information Telangana – GK Open
Telangana History – 1948 To 2014 Open
Ancient Period Of Telangana – Satvahana Dynasty Open
Satavahana Dynasty (Hala To Pulomavi-3) Open
Satavahana Dynasty ( Ikshvakus To Rishnukundins) Open
Kakatiya AgeOpen
Rachakonda Rulers and Musunuri NayakasOpen
Eastern Chalukyas Open
Great Poets of Telangana Open
Bathukamma Telangana State Festival Open
Boanulu Festival Open
Historical Places – Warangal Open
Medaram Jatra Open
Great Leaders( RBVRR) Open
Great Leaders(Kothapalli Jayashankar) Open

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Telangana History Download

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