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AP Gram Sachivalayam Exam Model Questions 2019

Andhra Pradesh Gram Ward Sachivalayam Part A GK Questions Test Papers

AP Gram Sachivalayam Current Affair GK Model Questions

Daily Update Mock test of GK GS Current Affairs Question for Recruitment for the Andhra Pradesh Welfare and Education Assistant, Village Surveyor Grade-III, Panchayat Secretary Grade-VI Digital Assistant, Village Sericulture Assistant, Village Horticulture Assistant,  Village Agriculture Assistant, Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary and more

AP Gram Sachivalayam Exam Model Questions 2019

1) On 2nd Aug 2019, Rajya Sabha passed very strong law (Bill) against terrorist acts. The Bill is known as?
a) Unlawful Activities (Detention) Amendment Bill, 2019
b) Unlawful Activities (Preventing) Amendment Bill, 2019
c) Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2019
d) Unlawful Activities (Arrest) Amendment Bill, 2019

2) The Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development organizing events during World Breastfeeding Week from1st to 7th August 2019 with a theme of?
a) Empowering Parents, Enable Breastfeeding
b) Empower Mothers, Enable Breastfeeding
c) Empowerment of Mothers, Enable Breastfeeding
d) Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding

3) Who is the newly appointed Controller General of Accounts (CGA) i.e., on from 01 Aug 2019?
a) Girraj Prasad Gupta
b) Rajiv Mehrishi
c) Shashi Kant Sharma
d) Vinod Rai

4) Lok Sabha recently passed the Consumer Protection Bill 2019, Pick the odd from the below?
a) Setup of Central Consumer Protection Authority, CCPA
b) Product liability for Manufacturing defect
c) Product liability for design defect
d)  Product liability for Not extending the warranty

5) President of India visited 3 West African nations which were considered as the first-ever visit by any head of Government. The 3 Nations are?
a) Kenya, Gambia and Guinea
b) Benin, Morocco and Guinea
c) Benin, Gambia and Guinea
d) Burkina Faso, Gambia and Guinea

6) In Indian Defense Commissioned ranks, Army Major General is equivalent to Airforce?
a) Air Chief Marshal
b) Air Marshal
c) Air Vice-Marshal
d) Air Commodore

7) Pick the correct statement from below, Andhra Pradesh is the?
a) 5th largest State in India
b) 6th largest State in India
c) 7th largest State in India
d) 8th largest State in India

8) Pick the correct statement from below, Andhra Pradesh in the forest cover area?
a) Ranks 7th in India
b) Rank 8th in India
c) Rank 9th in India
d) Rank 10th in India
Note:  Andhra Pradesh forest cover area of 37707 Sq. Kms  which is 23.54% of the total geographical area

9) To help farmers, which scheme is implemented in the Andhra Pradesh form on October 15th, 2019?
a) YSR RythuBharosa
b) YSR RythuBima
c) YSR RythuRaksha
d) Chandranna Bima

10) Gross State Domestic Product, GSDP of Andhra Pradesh for the year 2018-19 as per Advance Estimate’s growth rate(GSDP) is?
a) 11.02%
b)  7.0%
c) 10.2%
D) 11.01%
Note: All India GDP growth rate is  7.0% for 2018-19 as per Advance estimates.

1) b  2) d  3) a  4) d  5) c  6) c  7) d  8) c  9) a  10) a

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AP Gram Sachivalayam Exam Model Questions 2019

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