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System Application Software

Operating System Software And Application Software: Software is a collection of data,programs and also provides instructions of what to do and how to do for accomplishing a specific task.

It is also responsible for managing and  controlling hardware components and also acts as a Interface between user and computer.

Software can be categorized into 2 types 

System software

Application Software

System Software

System Software consists of several computer programs, that are designed and responsible for  controlling and managing computer hardware and application program, which acts as an interface between user and hardware.

System software is also divided into 2 categories

System Management Program

Developing Software

System Management Program

Management of system development and integrated set of programs which include analysis, design, Implementation, operations of processors, input, output controls etc

It also provide various support services.ex:-Operating System, device driver, system utilities.

Operating System(OS)

OS consists of programs which controls and manages both hardware/software resources and provide a link between computer,hardware and user.

OS  is responsible for recognizing input from keyboard and sending output to display screen.Os  provides  security from unauthorized users and make sure that programs running at the same time, may not interfere with one other.

Device Drivers

A software program that enables a computer and a device to communicate with one other.

Every device driver whether it is a CD-ROM Reader, Diskette driver or printer has a driver program which is assisted by OS for its proper functioning.

System Utilities

During the time of installation of Os some of the packages are loaded into computers called utilities.

These utilities supports, enhance, expand and secure data and programs. 

some of system utility functions are 

Disk Compression

Disk Fragments

Backup Utilities

Disk Cleaners

Antivirus etc…..

Developing Software

Operating System Software  And Application Software Developing –> It is the process of programming, documenting, testing and services required for the developing and execution of application software.

some of them include

Programming Languages



Translator etc..

Programming Languages(PL)

PL is an artificial Language to express computation and can be used to create programs that implement specific algorithms.PL can be categorized into 2 types.

Low Level Languages

High Level Language

Low Level Languages

Machine Language – Machine Language consists of Binary digits or bits that computer reads and Interprets.

Assembly Language – It is a Low-Level Programming Language uses English like Representations to write a program and to interface with computer Hardware..

High Level Language

Machine Independent Languages such as C, Pascal, FORTRAN uses translators and enables a programmer to write programs, that are more or less independent of a particular type of computer.

Language Translator

Conversion of Programming Language to Machine Language is done by Language Translators.

3 types of Language Translators are as follows.

Assembler:- Assembler is used to convert assembly Language into Machine Language.

Compiler:- Compiler reads source codes and identifies errors and convert source code into Machine language.

Interpreter:– Interpreter is used to convert high level Language program into Machine Language by converting it line-by-line. If exists error, it identifies and reports at same time and cannot resume until it is rectified.


It is a Computer program that combines one or more object files and Libraries to form a single, coherent executable program.


It is a part of an Operating System which is responsible for Loading programs, Libraries and relocation of the executable program in the main memory. Starting a program places program into memory and starts its execution process.


Application software also known as end user program which is designed to help the users to perform singular or multiple tasks.some of them include

General purpose Software

Specific Purpose Software

General purpose Software

some of general purpose software are described below.

Word processing Software

Word processing Software program is capable of creating, storing and printing of documents and provides special characteristics beyond that of text editor such as word pad program. ex:MS Word.

Presentation Software

Presenting the content in the form of a slide to an audience or persons to make their presentations more interesting and professional. Ex:MS PowerPoint.

Electronic Spreadsheets

A Spreadsheet applications are computer applications for organisations for analysis and storing of data in tabular form and also used to manipulate spreadsheet electronically.

Database Management System

DBMS is a software used for creating,sorting,maintaining and managing database.Additional features of DBMS include

Removal of data redundancy.

Integration of data.

sharing of data.

Removal of data inconsistency.


Multimedia Software

It is a software which include combination of Integration of texts, audios, videos, images, drawings, animations and other media where information can be represented stored and transmitted.

Specific Purpose Software

The one and only purpose of the this type of software is to execute task. Some of these type of software are described below.

Payroll Management System

It was adopted by every organisation  in order to track the record and financial status of every employee regarding salaries,wages,compensation etc. is calculated by payroll software and appropriate results are issued.

Hotel Management System

In this type of system include day to day management techniques and methods used in hotels like accounts, billing, housekeeping, maintenance, sales, marketing etc..

Reservation System

This is type of system is used mainly in railway station to store and retrieve information regarding availability seats berths and also used in transactions of air lines, hotels, car, bus rentals and others etc…

Attendance System

This type of system is used to keep track of the student or person of an organisation or school which can be integrated with devices and also time and access cards. This system include Bio metric devices and also manually Attendance Integration.

In addition to above there also exists some other Specific Purpose Software like

Inventory Management System

Purchasing System

Hr Management Systems

Accounting Software

Billing Systems etc…

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