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Daily Current Affairs Questions | 24 March 2019

Daily Current Affairs March 2019 Quiz Questions

Learn First Be First, Daily current affair March 2019 Quiz in English. Test your knowledge in current affairs with daily current affairs quiz for UPSC at fdaytalk. Daily current affairs quiz comprises of general knowledge current affairs questions and answers and static general knowledge questions

Daily current affairs quiz questions March 2019 in English

Current Affair 24 March 2019 Quiz Questions

1) United Nations announced decade of year 2021–2030  ?
a) Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
b) Ocean Study for Sustainable Development
c) Ocean Science and Development year
d) Ocean Science and Wetland Restoration

2) Which cyclone struck the coast of Mozambique on 15 March 2019 ?

3) Recently 2 days International Workshop on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (IWDRI) held in ?
a) Hyderabad
b) Mumbai
c) Kolkata
d) Delhi

4) Who is the chairman of Fifteenth Finance Commission ?
a) N.K. Singh
b) M.K. Singh
c) Y V Reddy
d) Vijay L. Kelkar

5) Recently President presented Gallantry Awards, list includes ?
a) 2 Kirti Chakra, 14 Shaurya Chakra
b) 1 Kirti Chakra, 14 Shaurya Chakra
c) 2 Kirti Chakra, 13 Shaurya Chakra
d) 1 Kirti Chakra, 13 Shaurya Chakra

6) kriti Chaktra Gallantry award presented to ?
a) Pradip Kumar Panda (Posthumous)
b) Sowar Vijay Kumar (Posthumous)
c) Both 
d) None

7) Election Commission of India recently appointed 2 eminent former Civil Servants as Special Expenditure Observers for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019 to which of the following states ?
a) Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu
b) Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh
c) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
d) Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh

8) Which Military Exercise is conducted annually between India and Sri Lanka as part of military diplomacy and interaction ?
a) Shakti Mitra
b) Shakti Kiran
c) Mitra Kiran
d) Mitra Shakti

9) Prime Minister of Republic of Guinea who recently called President of India regarding India-Guinea bilateral ties. The Prime Minister is ?
a) Ibrahima  Kassory  Fofana
b) Ibrahima  Kauro  Fofana
c) Ibrahima  Kassory  Fotadi
d) Ibrahima  Kassory  Fokari

10) Africa-India Field Training Exercise 2019  AFINDEX 19 for India and African nations held in ?
a) Pune
b) Mumbai
c) Hyderabad
d) Africa

1a 2b 3d 4a 5a 6c 7a 8d 9a 10a 

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