How to Fix the Drums of the Vault Bug in Diablo 4 Season 3: A Guide for Players and Developers

Blizzard has officially acknowledged a bug in Diablo 4 related to the Drums of the Vault quest in Season 3. The bug was first reported by players on Reddit and Twitter, who expressed their frustration and disappointment with the game-breaking glitch.

Diablo 4 community manager Marcus Kretz has confirmed the existence of the bug and has provided a temporary solution for affected players.

He says, players to enter a new instance by using a teleport from the Gatehall hub, logging out, re-logging, and then exiting through the door back to the hub. This should reset the Seneschal Brazier interaction and allow players to upgrade their construct as intended.

Players are encouraged to employ the provided workaround until a full fix is implemented, ensuring they can continue their gameplay without being hindered by the bug. Kretz also apologized for the inconvenience and thanked the players for their patience and feedback.

How to Fix the Drums of the Vault Bug in Diablo 4 Season 3: Drums of the Vault quest
How to Fix the Drums of the Vault Bug in Diablo 4 Season 3 [Image credit: Blizzard]

The bug is tied to the Seneschal Brazier interaction within the questline, preventing players from upgrading their construct as required to progress. The construct is a powerful ally that players can customize and enhance throughout the Season of the Construct.

The Drums of the Vault quest is one of the main quests in the season, where players have to collect four drums from different locations and use them to activate the Seneschal Brazier. The brazier is supposed to grant players a choice of three upgrades for their construct, but due to the bug, the brazier does not respond and the quest cannot be completed.

Numerous reports on social media platforms from players confirm the quest’s broken state, with users unable to interact with the Seneschal Brazier.

Kretz clarifies that using a town portal won’t achieve the desired result as it opens the same instance, advising players to follow the prescribed workaround steps. He also warns players not to abandon the quest, as it will reset their progress and force them to collect the drums again.

The development team is actively investigating the issue, indicating their commitment to resolving the problem permanently. Kretz says that the team is working on a patch that will fix the bug and prevent it from happening again. He also promises to keep the players updated on the status of the patch and the estimated time of arrival.

While minor bugs typically get patched quickly, the text mentions that more substantial changes to game mechanics and systems might take a longer time. This is because the development team has to test the changes thoroughly and ensure they do not introduce new bugs or break existing features.

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