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Aptitude Reasoning LCM HCF


HCF (Highest Common Factor)
The HCF of two or more than two numbers is the greatest number that divides each
of them exactly

Product of two numbers = product of their HCF & LCM (Formula)
HCF & LCM of fractions
HCF = HCF of Numerator/ LCM of Denominator
LCM = LCM of Numerator / HCF of Denominator

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Example Problem 

1) HCF of 8 & 12 = ?

Step 1: Difference of 8 & 12 is = 4
Step 2: 4 divides the 8 and 12 exactly
So, HCF = 4 (answer)

2) HCF of 21 & 35 = ?

Step 1: Difference of 21 & 35 = 14
= 2 × 7
Step 2: Here, 2 not divides the 21 & 35, therefore discards 2
Step 3: And 7 is divides the 21 & 35 exactly
So, HCF = 7 (answer)

3) HCF of 27 & 32 = ?

Step 1: Difference of 27 & 32 = 5
Step 2: Here, 5 not divide both the given numbers exactly
So, HCF = 1

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