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Eastern Chalukyas | Telangana History

Telangana History Eastern Chalukya dynasty

Eastern Chalukyas Telangana History


Eastern Chalukyas dynasty was a branch of the Chalukyas of Badami.

Pulakesin II, renowed ruler of chalukyas conquered vengi (near Eluru) in A.D.624 and installed his brother kubja Vishuvardhana (A.D. 624-641)

Vishnuvardhana dyanasty known as the eastern chalukyas, ruled for nearly four centuries.


Vishnuvardhana extended his dominions up to Srikakulam in the north & Nellore in the south. He was succeeded by his son Jayasimha-I (A.d. 641-673)


Between A.D.641 and AD 681 – 705 ruled for short duration

Then followed a period of unrest characterized by family fevds and weak rulers.

The weak rulers of Vengi had to meet the challenge of the Rashtakutas, who overran their kingdom more than once.

There was no Eastern chalukyas ruler who could check them until Gunaga vijayaditya came to power in A.D. 848.

Vashnuvardhana also failed to face the Rashtrakutas, and then Rashtrakutas ruler Amoghavarsha treated him as ally.

After Amoghavarsha’s death, Vijayaditya proclaimed independence

Vijayaditya started on a campaign to the south and achieved some notable success.

Vijayaditya ruled for 44 years and paved  away in A.D. 892

He was succeeded by his brother’s son, chalukyas Bhima (A.D. 892-921).

Rashtrakutas again attacked the vengi kingdom during this period but were repelled effectively by vengi and came to an understanding with Rashtrakutas and treated them as his allies.


They were able to maintain their independence till the chalukyas of kalyani in A.D. 973 overthrew the Rashtrakutas

Contemporaries to the eastern chalukyas were the eastern Gangas in the northeast and the pallavas in the south

The Eastern Gangas appeared in the political Scene towards the close the 5th century A.D. as rulers of Orissa.

The first known ruler of his dynasty was Indravarma

Indravarma had his capital at Dantapura, but later shifted to kalinganagara (Mukhalingam in Srikakulam district)

The Gangas ruled with their capital in Andhra for nearly five centuries, until it was shifted to cuttack at the end of the  11th century  A.D.

The early eastern Gangas were ruling a small territory in srikakulam district in the Telugu Land.

Eastern Chalukyas | Telangana History Eastern Chalukya dynasty


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