How to get Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) x King of Fighters (KOF) ‘97 skins at Cheaper Price: Tips and Tricks

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) x King of Fighters (KOF) ‘97 collaboration is set to arrive on 24th April 2024. This collaboration brings three new skins inspired by the iconic characters from the KOF series- Valir, Paquito, and Masha. However, acquiring these ML KOF ’97 skins isn’t as simple as it might seem. They can only be obtained through a draw event, which requires in-game Diamonds. This could be a hurdle for players who are low spenders.

But don’t worry, even if you’re a low spender, you can still purchase MLBB KOF ’97 skins at a lower price by following these tips and tricks.

Purchase Weekly Diamonds Pass

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) x King of Fighters (KOF) ‘97 skins
Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) x King of Fighters (KOF) ‘97 skins

One of the best ways to save up Diamonds for the upcoming draw event is by purchasing the Weekly Diamonds Pass in Mobile Legends. For a nominal price, players can acquire more than double the amount of Diamonds they spend from this special bundle. However, it’s crucial to claim your rewards every day to maximize the benefits.

ML KOF ’97 Premium Supply Events

Keep an eye out for the two Premium Supply events scheduled to arrive on 27th April and 11th May 2024. These events offer many free draw tokens for players who complete various challenges, top-up Diamonds, or spend Diamonds in the shop or the event itself. This is a golden opportunity to acquire ML KOF ’97 skins at a discounted price.

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1x Draw daily discounts

Every day during the MLBB KOF ’97 Bingo event, you can get your first 1x Draw for half the price. Also, you can grab a one-time 30% discount on the 10x Draw option. Remember to use these daily discounted pulls. You’re guaranteed to get at least one Epic or higher skin for every 10 pulls you make during the event.

Draws You’ll Need

If you manage to hit a Bingo line within three 10x Draws, you’ll only need to spend around 6,750 Diamonds without any discounts. But, if you join other events and get free draw tokens, you could spend less. Like other Bingo events, you’re guaranteed to get the KOF ’97 skins if you can hit three lines on the Bingo card. If you’re lucky, you could even get these skins in around 10 draws.

The MLBB x KOF ’97 collaboration not only brings exciting new skins but also gives you a chance to plan your purchases and maximize your in-game Diamonds. So, get ready, strategize, and prepare to add these exclusive skins to your collection.

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