How to Use Spyglass in Nightingale: Players Share Hidden Tips and Tricks

The Spyglass in Nightingale serves as a versatile tool for players to navigate and survive in the Fae wilds. Its primary function is to detect monsters, locate caves, and observe their inhabitants from a distance. However, a group of players on reddit shared some insightful tips on how to maximize the use of the Spyglass tool in the game, revealing tricks that most players might be missing.

How to Use Spyglass in Nightingale: Players Share Hidden Tips and Tricks
Image credit: Inflexion Games

The Power of the Spyglass

According to Reddit users ‘TheHasegawaEffect’ and other, Nightingale players can use the Spyglass not only to detect monsters but to locate caves and spy on their inhabitants through walls at a “decent range.”

Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the tips shared by reddit users ‘TheHasegawaEffect’ and ‘Sarothu’:

  1. Points of Interest (PoIs): After completing the Fae tower, Points of Interest in caves are marked on the map. This can help players navigate the game more efficiently.
  2. Engaging Hostile Monsters: Your mule will engage hostile monsters anyway, so there’s no real reason to know what monsters lay beyond the next bend before you make the turn.
  3. Monster Names Don’t Really Matter: Legendary monsters use different skins to identify them visually, and you’ll find out the exact name of the monster from their dropped loot.
  4. The Spyglass Boosts Sneak: The Spyglass also gives you a big sneak boost, and you can find hidden creatures. There’s a tree monster that one user didn’t know existed until they spied it with their Spyglass.


Overall, the Spyglass in Nightingale proves to be an indispensable tool for Realmwalkers, providing numerous functions beyond its basic long-distance viewing capabilities. By utilizing the Spyglass effectively, players can gain a strategic advantage, navigate hazardous environments, and uncover hidden secrets lurking within the Fae wilds.

Nightingale: Players Reveal Simple Spyglass Tricks That Most Are Missing
Image credit: Inflexion Games

So next time you play Nightingale, take advantage of the Spyglass! It might just become your best friend in the game.


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