Meta Verified: Get Verified Badges for Instagram and Facebook in India for ₹699/month Subscription

Meta Verified Program has launched in India, allowing creators on Instagram and Facebook to get verified badges for just ₹699 per month on iOS and Android.

Meta Verified is a subscription bundle that was introduced in February 2023 and is currently available in select regions. The subscription price varies depending on the platform and region. In India, users can gets verified badge for a subscription of ₹699 per month on iOS and Android. In the coming months, you will also be able to subscribe on the web for ₹599 per month.

Meta Verified vs. Regular Verified Account

A regular verified account is a free verification badge granted to public figures, celebrities, and brands based on specific criteria to confirm their authentic presence. On the other hand, a Meta Verified account is a paid subscription bundle that includes a verification badge and additional benefits such as account protection, support, and stickers.

Both types of accounts receive the same blue checkmark next to their name, but Meta Verified accounts must authenticate their identity with a government ID and a selfie video.

Meta has stated that there will be no changes made to the existing regular verified accounts, and they will retain their badges. However, a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch that the follower count of legacy verified accounts will be displayed in more places to differentiate them from Meta Verified accounts.

Some benefits of Meta Verified include:
  • Gets blue checkmark next to your name, which helps your community recognize the real you.
  • Protection from impersonation through proactive account monitoring and required two-factor authentication.
  • Access to direct account support from a real person for any account issues
  • Exclusive stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as 100 Stars per month on Facebook to show support for other creators.

If you are interested in becoming Meta Verified, you can subscribe through the app settings or the web on Instagram or Facebook. Globally, Meta Verified is available in Canada, the United Kingdom, and now India, with plans to expand to Brazil in the near future.

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