No Fly Norms By Indian Govt

Government Drafted Norms for No-Fly

Norms for No-Fly List for unruly passengers were released on Friday 8 September 2017 based on three levels of unruly Behavior of Passengers.

1. Disruptive behavior.
2. Physically abusive behavior.
3. Life Threatening 

Government Issued Norms for No Fly

a) Number of No-Fly List People rises and falls according to the threats and reports. Initially there were 10,000 in the List in 2011 and 21,000 List in 2012 and 47,000 in 2013…and per IATA in 2015 10,854

b) Ashok Gajapathi Raju,  the then Civil Aviation Ministry announced National no-fly list of the passengers who behave unruly during journey and he quote” we can never compromise on safety and security of the passengers”

c) Disruptive behavior, Physically abusive behavior and Life Threatening

i) Disruptive Behavior means  physical gestures (verbal) for which suspension of three months

ii) Physically abusive behavior and sexual harassment for which suspension of six months.

iii) Life Threatening or murderous assault and any damage to aircraft’s for which suspension of 2 years to Lifetime ban

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