OPPO Find X7 Series: The First Smartphone with Sony LYT-900 Sensor and Dual Conversion Gain Technology

OPPO has officially introduced first teaser, confirms the Find X7 series will make its debut with Sony LYT-900 sensor, positioned to redefine imaging technology. This sensor, with an impressive 50MP and a single pixel size of 1.6μm, marking a significant advancement in imaging technology.

OPPO Find X7 Series camera sensor-  Sony LYT-900 sensor

The LYT-900 sensor, which is not yet official, is expected to share a lot of specs with the IMX989, another 1”-type sensor by Sony. The new platform is made on a 22 nm node, reducing power consumption and aligning with the industry’s constant pursuit of efficiency.

A standout feature introduced by the LYT-900 sensor is the incorporation of Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) technology. DCG dynamically adjusts between high gain and low gain modes based on ambient light changes, optimizing the sensor’s dynamic range and noise performance, and ensuring exceptional image quality across various lighting conditions.

OPPO Find X7 Series with Sony LYT-900 Sensor and Dual Conversion Gain.

The LYT-900 sensor’s dynamic range has been elevated to an impressive 14.5 levels, a significant enhancement over its predecessors. Combined with Dual Conversion Gain technology, OPPO Find X7 series is ensuring unmatched versatility and image quality for users.

According to Digital Chat Station, the LYT-900 sensor will only be in the OPPO Find X7 Ultra model in the X7 series. With the LYT-900 sensor, coupled with a dual-periscope setup, OPPO is establishing new standards for flagship devices for mobile photography.

OPPO Find X7 Series with Sony LYT-900 Sensor

As anticipation builds for the official unveiling, users can expect the OPPO Find X7 series to deliver an extraordinary photography experience, setting a new benchmark in the smartphone industry. Stay tuned for further updates as OPPO continues to redefine the landscape of mobile imaging technology.

Source: via | OPPO Find X7 series Sony LYT-900 sensor


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