Porygon Community Day Classic: How to Catch and Evolve the Retro Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is hosting a Porygon Community Day Classic event on Saturday, January 20, 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about catching and evolving Porygon, one of the rarest and most unique Pokemon in the game.

Porygon Community Day Classic: How to Catch and Evolve the Retro Pokemon in Pokemon GO
Image credit: pokemon.com

How to Catch Shiny Porygon

During the event, Porygon will be appearing more often in the wild, and lucky players might even encounter its shiny form, which has a different color scheme. Shiny Porygon is a rare and coveted Pokemon, so be sure to catch as many as you can. You can also use Lure Modules and Incense to attract more Porygon to your location.

How to Evolve Porygon into Porygon-Z

Players who evolve Porygon into Porygon2 and then into Porygon-Z during the event or up to two hours after will get a Porygon-Z that knows the charged move Tri Attack, a powerful attack that has a chance of lowering the opponent’s stats.

To evolve Porygon, you will need an Upgrade and 25 Porygon candies. To evolve Porygon2, you will need a Sinnoh Stone and 100 Porygon candies. You can get Upgrades and Sinnoh Stones by completing the Special Research story, which can be purchased for US$1.00, or by doing Field Research tasks.

How to Catch and Evolve the Retro Pokemon in Pokemon GO
Image credit: pokemon.com

Why Porygon is a Fan-Favorite Pokemon

Porygon is a fan favorite Pokemon because of its unique design, history, and abilities. It is one of the oldest Pokemon in the franchise, having debuted in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. It is also one of the most mysterious and elusive Pokemon, as it can revert to program data and enter cyberspace. It has a loyal fan base that appreciates its retro and futuristic appeal.

Other Bonuses and Rewards

The event also offers other bonuses and rewards, such as triple XP for catching Pokemon, longer-lasting Lure Modules and Incense, and exclusive Special Research and Field Research tasks. Players who complete the Special Research story will receive three Upgrades and three Sinnoh Stones, the items needed to evolve Porygon into its final form.

Players who complete the Field Research tasks will have a chance to earn more Porygon candies, Stardust, and other items.

Join the Event and Have Fun

Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day Classic is a great opportunity for players to catch and evolve Porygon, a fan favorite Pokemon that has not been featured in a major event for a long time. It is also a chance for players to enjoy the nostalgia of a classic event and celebrate the history and diversity of Pokemon. Players are encouraged to join the event and have fun catching Porygon and other Pokemon.


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