How to get Ancient Civilization Parts and Craft Advanced Items in Palworld

Palworld, a largest open-world survival crafting game, opens its arms to players, offering a bounty of resources waiting to be explored and harnessed. Among these resources, Ancient Civilization Parts stand out as rare and valuable treasures, holding the key to unlocking the depths of the technology tree, bolstering strength, and ensuring survival against the Syndicate Tower’s formidable challenges.

How to get Ancient Civilization Parts and Craft Advanced Items in Palworld
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However, obtaining these Ancient Civilization Parts is not easy. Players must brace themselves for battles with the fiercest of Pals in the open world, journey of relentless hunting and meticulous scouring to find the right adversaries. These precious materials are rewards earned by defeating the mighty Alpha Pals or conquering dungeon bosses.

To collect Ancient Civilization Parts, players need to explore and engage with Alpha Pals, as they have a higher chance of dropping the parts than other Pals. Alternatively, players can challenge dungeon bosses, but this option is more daunting due to heightened difficulty levels and limited windows of opportunity.

Venturing into the ‘Ancient Technology’ section of the technology tree becomes a pivotal moment. Crafting with Ancient Civilization Parts unravels new mechanics, such as the ability to breed Pals. Moreover, this path leads players to the coveted Ancient Technology Points, which are essential for crafting advanced items in the skill tree.

Ancient Civilization Parts Palworld
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The pursuit of Ancient Civilization Parts becomes intertwined with the construction of Ancient Tech, exemplified by the Egg Incubator—a game-changer for Palworld players. Defeating Alpha Pal bosses scattered across the islands emerges as the primary method for securing these parts. However, not all bosses are generous with their loot. While Syndicate Tower bosses provide Ancient Technology Points, they rarely drop Ancient Civilization Parts, making them harder to obtain.

For those starting their journey, assembling a formidable team and acquiring a Palworld mount are crucial steps for exploration. A strong team can help players fight and capture Pals, while a mount can help them travel faster and access different areas. For example, Chillet, a Pal that can be found in the Windswept Hills starting area, is a relatively easy Alpha Pal to defeat and also a great mount to ride.

In addition to the pursuit of Ancient Civilization Parts, players must navigate the acquisition of Technology Points to unlock a myriad of craftable items and structures for their bases. These points, earned through leveling up, unlocking new fast travel points, and capturing Pals, offer a straightforward yet rewarding avenue for progress.

Capturing Pals introduces an additional layer of challenge and reward: each captured Pal contributes experience points (EXP), with a bonus granted for capturing a set number of the same Pal. Increasing levels through EXP gains not only contributes to additional Technology Points but also allows assigned Pals to perform specific roles in the player’s base—ensuring productivity even in the absence of the player.

Egg Incubator and Grapple Gun in Palworld
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Furthermore, the quest for Ancient Technology Points adds a captivating depth to the gameplay. These advanced points, earned by overcoming Syndicate Tower bosses or formidable “world bosses” like Mammorest in the wild, unlock recipes beyond the reach of basic Technology Points—offering exclusive items such as the Egg Incubator and Grapple Gun.

Some of notable Alpha Pals that you can hunt for Ancient Civilization Parts are:

  • Penking, a huge penguin-type Pal that can shoot cannonballs from its mouth. You can find Penking in the Frozen Sea, near the fast travel point. Penking is weak to electric-type attacks, so bring some Pals that can use them, such as Sparkit or Zephyr.
  • Direhowl, a massive wolf-type Pal that can summon a pack of smaller wolves to aid it. You can find Direhowl in the Forest of Beginnings, near the fast travel point. Direhowl is weak to grass-type attacks, so bring some Pals that can use them, such as Tanzee or Pacapaca.
  • Galeclaw, a colossal bird-type Pal that can fly and create gusts of wind. You can find Galeclaw in the Sky Island, near the fast travel point. Galeclaw is weak to rock-type attacks, so bring some Pals that can use them, such as Rooby or Ankylo.

Some of the dungeon bosses that you can encounter are:

  • Magma Kaiser, a fiery dragon-type Pal that can breathe fire and cause eruptions. You can find Magma Kaiser in the Volcanic Island, in a cave near the fast travel point. Magma Kaiser is weak to water-type attacks, so bring some Pals that can use them, such as Fuack or Waterwing.
  • Stormbringer, a thunderous dragon-type Pal that can summon lightning and create storms. You can find Stormbringer in the Stormy Island, in a cave near the fast travel point. Stormbringer is weak to ground-type attacks, so bring some Pals that can use them, such as Lifmunk or Drill.
  • Wings of Death, a dark dragon-type Pal that can fly and use dark magic. You can find Wings of Death in the Dark Island, in a cave near the fast travel point. Wings of Death is weak to light-type attacks, so bring some Pals that can use them, such as Cattiva or Princess.

How to use Ancient Technology items

Once you have enough resources and unlock the items you want, you can craft them using the Ancient Technology menu. You can then equip them in your inventory and use them as you please. Some items have passive effects, such as the Pal Egg Scanner, which shows you the stats and traits of a Pal egg before you hatch it.

Some items have active effects, such as the Grappling Gun, which lets you shoot a hook and pull yourself towards a surface or a Pal. Some items have both passive and active effects, such as the Pal Essence Condenser, which passively increases your Pal’s loyalty and happiness, and actively lets you extract their essence and consume it for a temporary boost.

To craft Ancient Technology items, you need a crafting bench, which you can build using wood and nails. You can place the crafting bench anywhere you like, but it is recommended to put it near your base or a fast travel point for convenience.

The crafting bench allows you to craft various items using the resources and materials you have collected, such as cloth, metal, leather, and more. You can also use the crafting bench to craft Pal Gear, which are special items that give your Pals new abilities or enhance their existing ones.

Ancient Technology items can greatly enhance your gameplay and give you an edge over your enemies and rivals. However, they also come with a cost, as they consume your Pal’s energy and happiness when you use them. You have to balance the benefits and drawbacks of using Ancient Technology, and take care of your Pals by feeding them, petting them, and giving them rest.

Tips and Troubleshooting

Here are some tips and troubleshooting advice for players who might face challenges in finding Alpha Pals or dungeon bosses, or encounter other issues in Palworld.

  • If you can’t find an Alpha Pal on the map, try changing the time of day by sleeping or using a Time Machine. Some Alpha Pals only appear at certain times, such as night or dawn.
  • If you can’t enter a dungeon because it says it’s closed, try waiting for a while or using a Time Machine. Dungeons have a limited spawn time and a cooldown period, so you have to be quick to enter them when they are open.
  • If you are having trouble defeating a boss Pal, try using different types of Pals or weapons that match their weaknesses. You can also use items such as potions, bombs, or traps to aid you in combat. You can also bring a friend or join a multiplayer session to get some help from other players.
  • If you are experiencing crashes, bugs, or performance issues, try updating the game to the latest version, lowering the graphics settings, or verifying the game files. You can also report any problems to the developers through their official website or Steam page.

In conclusion, the journey through Palworld is a strategic dance between obtaining Ancient Civilization Parts, accumulating Technology Points, and harnessing the power of Ancient Technology Points. As players traverse these interconnected systems, the vast landscape of crafting, breeding, and progression unfurls, delivering a rich and rewarding gaming experience.

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