Rameshwaram Cafe and Other Popular Restaurants in Hyderabad Raided: Expired Food Items Found

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA – The Food Safety Department’s task force in Telangana has been conducting a series of inspections across popular restaurants in Hyderabad, revealing a shocking disregard for food safety and hygiene standards.

Rameshwaram Cafe and Other Popular Restaurants in Hyderabad Raided: Expired Food Items Found
Rameshwaram Cafe and Other Popular Restaurants in Hyderabad Raided

In a raid at Rameshwaram Cafe, located at tech hub of Madhapur, on 23 May 2024, officials discovered a 100 kg of urad dal stock that had expired in March 2024. The expired food items didn’t stop there. The task force also found 10 kg of curd and 8 litres of milk, both past their expiration dates, stored in the restaurant’s refrigeration units.

In addition to these findings, the task force noted several other violations. Some food items were improperly labeled, and some were unlabeled. All of these items were seized. Dustbins were left uncovered, attracting pests and contributing to unsanitary conditions.

Furthermore, the restaurant’s food handlers were unable to present their Medical Fitness Certificates, a mandatory requirement for all food handlers to ensure they are free from any communicable diseases.

The situation was equally concerning at Baahubali Kitchen, another popular eatery in Madhapur. The task force found a heavy cockroach infestation, indicating a severe lack of pest control measures. The overall conditions of the kitchen were deemed unhygienic, posing a serious risk to public health.

The upscale neighborhood of Banjara Hills was not exempt from these violations. At Labonel Fine Baking, a renowned bakery in the area, officials found expired chocolate crispearls. A nearby Baskin Robbins outlet also came under scrutiny for storing expired Horn White Chocolates, a popular topping for their ice creams.

These findings are part of a series of inspections conducted by the task force across the city. Previous inspections have revealed similar issues in other establishments, indicating a city-wide problem that needs immediate attention.

The Food Safety Department has reiterated its commitment to ensuring that all restaurants in the city adhere to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. As consumers, we can only hope that these inspections serve as a wake-up call for all food establishments in the city, prompting them to prioritize food safety and hygiene above all else.

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