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RRB NTPC Paramedical Ministerial RRC 01/2019 Practice Test Paper 7

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1) Proton named coined by ?
a) Rutherford
b) Gold Stein
c) J.J Thomson
d) James Chadwick

2) What is the persistence of ear ( Hearing range ) ?
a) ¹⁄₁₅ seconds
b) ¹⁄₁₀₀ seconds
c) ¹⁄₃₀ seconds
d) ¹⁄₁₀ seconds

3) Excise duty is known as ?
a) Direct tax
b) Indirect tax
c) State Government tax
d) Central tax

4) Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport is located at a?
a) Patna
b) Nagpur
c) Ahmedabad
d) Delhi

5) Which country is known as land of white elephants ?
a) Cube
b) Inida
c) SriLanka
d) Thailand

6) International boundary line between Countries Germany and Poland is known as ?
a) Oder-Neisse line
b) Maginot line
c) 49th Parallel line
d) 38th Parallel line

7) Who is the chairman for Fundamental right sub committee in constituent assembly ?
a) H.C. Mookherjee
b) G.V,Mavalankar
c) J.B. Kripalani
d) Nehru

8) Judicial review in Indian constitution discussed in which of the following article ?
a) Article 31
b) Article 32
c) Article 33
d) Article 34

9) In Indian parliamentary system, unstarred questions means ?
a) No Written answer
b) Written answer to be laid before 30 days
c) Written answer to be laid
d) None of the above

10) Inter Sate Council is chaired every thrice in a year by ?
a) Prime Minister
b) Home Minister
c) President
d) Chief Justice of Supreme court

11) What is the National aquatic animal of India ?
a) White Fish
b) Shark
c) Dolphin
d) Jelly Fish

12) Head Quarter of Spices board in India is located at ?
a) Kochi
b) Kolkata
c) Kottayam
d) Bengaluru

13) Head Quarter of Reserve Bank of India, RBI is located at ?
a) New Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Kolkata
d) Hyderabad

14) Corporate tax can be imposed on ?
a) Companies
b) Individuals
c) Corporations
d) A and C
e) A and B

15) Rate of inflammation measured by ?
a) Cost Price Index, CPI
b) Gross National Product, GDP
c) Wholesale Price Index, WPI
d) National Domestic Product, NDP

16) Author of book Geeta Rahasya ?
a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
b) Lala Lajpat Rai
c) Adam Smith
d) None of the above

17) Battle of Plassey is held between ?
a) Siraj Ud Daulah and British forces
b) Aurangzeb and Tipu sultan
c) Ahmed Shah Abdali and Brutish forces
d) Tipu Sultan and British forces

18) What is the significance of Cripps Mission in 1942 ?
a) Partition plan
b) Communal Award
c) Report ob Jallianwala Bagh
d) Dominion status for India

19) First 1st Indian National Congress INC session held at ?
a) New Delhi, 1885
b) Bombay, 1885
c) New Delhi, 1886
d) Bombay, 1886

20) What is the abbreviation of FAX ?
a) Facsimile Automated Xerox
b) Floating Automated Xerox
c) Facsimile Automatic Xerox
d) Facsimile Automated Xeroxing

21) When the computer literacy day is celebrated ?
a) 20th December
b) 22nd December
c) 21st December
d) 2nd December

22) Which Radio isotopes is used to estimate age of the Earth ?
a) Radio-U24
b) Isotopes U56
c) Radio-Uranium
d) All the above

23) Substance in which reduction occurs is known as ?
a) Oxidizing agent
b) Reducing agent
c) Acidic agent
d) Basic agent

24) Neutron discovered by ?
a) Rutherford
b) Gold Stein
c) J.J Thomson
d) James Chadwick

25) Property is known as ?
a) Direct tax
b) Indirect tax
c) State Government tax
d) Central tax

26) Which country is known as land is midnight sun ?
a) Thailand
b) Norway
c) India
d) Japan

27) What is full form of WAN ?
a) Wide Area Networking
b) Wide Around Network
c) Wide Area Network
d) World Area Network

28) Substance is which oxidation occurs is known as ?
a) Reducing agent
b) Oxidation agent
c) Acidic agent
d) Basic agent

29) 1 Giga Byte (GB) is equal to ?
a) 1024 MB
b) 10024 MB
c) 100024 MB
d) 124 MB

30) First 1st super computer develop by India ?

31) Which element has maximum number of isotopes among all elements ?
a) Uranium
b) Polonium
c) Arsenic
d) None of the above

32) Which radio isotope is used is to cure bone diseases ?
a) Radio- Sodium
b) Radio – Phosphorous
c) Uranium
d) Iodine

33) Who is the first chairman of Finance commission of India ?
a) K.C. Niyogi
b) K. Santhanam
c) A. K. Chanda
d) P. V. Rajamannar

34) India is in First 1st position in production of ?
a) Milk
b) Pulses
c) Petroleum
d) A and B

35) Which committee suggested new definition of fiscal deficit ?
a) Chakravarthy committee
b) Amarinder Singh committee
c) Prashath Kishore committee
d) None of the above

36) Viscosity of ideal fluid ?
a) 10
b) -10
c) 0
d) -273

37) Which instrument is use to measure changes in volume of substances ?
a) Biometer
b) Dilatometer
c) Spectrometer
d) None of the above

38) Who is the founder of Vishishtadvaita ?
a) Vishnu Sharma
b) Ramanuj Acharya
c) Nimbark Acharya
d) Vishnu Acharya

39) Who is the last Mughal emperor ?
a) Babur
b) Humayun
c) Bahadur Shah II
d) Muhammad Azam Shah

40) On which date winter solstice occurs ?
a) December 22
b) June 21
c) December 21
d) June 22

41) Jelep -La and Nathu- la passes issues found at ?
a) Uttarkhand
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Sikkim

42) Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is located at ?
a) Nasik
b) Chennai
c) Varanasi
d) Hyderabad

43) Thorn Forests of Brazil are known as ?
a) Downs
b) Coral
c) Cape
d) Caatinga

44) National development council NDC is a ?
a) Constitutional body
b) Non Constitutional body
c) Advisory body
d) Statutory body

45) P.C. Mahalanobis model is known as ?
a) First 5yr plan
b) Third 5yr plan
c) Second 5yr plan
d) Fourth 5yr plan

46) Head quarters of IRDA, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ?
a) Chennai
b) Hyderabad
c) Nasik
d) New Delhi

47) Who is the first 1st chairman of Bharatiya Mahila Bank ?
a) Usha AnanthaSubramanian
b) S.M. Swathi
c) Usha Subramanian
d) Chanda Kochha

48) Who is the Author of Big Push Theory book on Economics ?
a) Hicks
b) Irwin Fisher
c) Adam Smith
d) A.R. Rodan

49) If Mach number greater than 5 is called as ?
a) Hypersonic speed
b) Supersonic speed
c) Subsonic speed
d) All the above

50) Who is the founder of Shuddhadvaita ?
a) Vishnu Swami
b) Vishnu Sharma
c) Vishnu Kiran
d) Vishnu Kumar

51) On Which date summer solstice occurs ?
a) June 22
b) December 22
c) June 21
d) December 21

52) Niti- la and Lipulekh- la passes is located in ?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Sikkim
c) Jammu Kashmir
d) Arunchal Pradesh

53) Grasslands of Australia were known as ?
a) Downs
b) Coral
c) Cape
d) Caatinga

54) Head quarter of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) ?
a) Hyderabad
b) Chennai
c) Mumbai
d) New Delhi

55) Chemical Name of Vitamin B5 ?
a) Retinol
b) Pantothenic acid
c) Thymine
d) Riboflavin

56) Main source of mineral copper is from ?
a) Meat
b) Fish
c) Liver
d) Grains
e) All

57) Head quarter of Common Wealth ?
a) Paris
b) London
c) Brussel
d) Geneva

58) Boiling point/range of Kerosene ?
a) 100-150° c
b) 50-150° c
c) 150-250° c
d) 100-1000° c

59) According to Hooke’s law, Stress is ?
a) Proportional to strain
b) Proportional to motion
c) Proportional to stress
d) Inversely Proportional to strain

60) Which country leads in consumption of oil in world ?
a) USA
b) Iran
c) India
d) Iraq

61) By which deficiency black hut disease in potato comes ?
a) Copper
b) Zinc
c) Oxygen
d) Iron

62) Young modulus of elasticity is defined as ?
a) Longitudinal stress / Volume strain
b) Volume stress / Longitudinal strain
c) Longitudinal strain / Longitudinal stress
d) Longitudinal stress / Longitudinal strain

63) Conversion of solid to vapour is called as ?
a) Evaporation
b) Sublimation
c) Dilution
d) Hoar frost

64) Conversion of vapour to solid is called as ?
a) Evaporation
b) Sublimation
c) Dilution
d) Hoar frost

65) Which is the biggest country in consumption of natural gas in the world ?
a) Russia
b) India
c) China
d) USA

66) In terminology of economic reforms, Liberalization means ?
a) Government control is relaxed
b) Government control is abolished
c) Government partially controls
d) A and B

67) Governor has power to grant Pardon, Reprieves or Remissions under Article of  ?
a) Article 159 of Indian constitution
b) Article 160 of Indian constitution
c) Article 161 of Indian constitution
d) Article 162 of Indian constitution

68) Which of the following is a royal emblem of Pandya dynasty ?
a) Fish
b) Tiger
c) Bow
d) Elephant

69) Which of the following is a royal emblem of Chola dynasty ?
a) Fish
b) Bow
c) Tiger
d) Elephant

70) Which of the following is a royal emblem of Chera dynasty ?
a) Fish
b) Tiger
c) Bow
d) Elephant

71) Disease Tetanus affects which part of the organ ?
a) Nervous system
b) Intestine
c) Lungs
d) Respiratory tubes

72) Human heart approximately weighs about ?
a) 2 Kg
b) 800 grams
c) 1 kg
d) 300 grams

73) Bile is secreted through by which organ of the body ?
a) Heart
b) Kidney
c) Liver
d) Lungs

74) Beta (β) Cell of islets of Langerhans secretes ?
a) Insulin
b) Pepsin
c) Lipase
d) Glucose

75) Oxidation number of an atom in free stage is about ?
a) 1
b) 0
c) -1
d) 10

76) Distillation is process of ?
a) Vaporization + Condensation + Purification
b) Vaporization + Condensation + Filtration
c) Vaporization + Condensation + Heating
d) Vaporization + Condensation

77) Density is define as ?
a) Mass per unit volume
b) Mass per unit area
c) Mass per unit  cubic volume
d) Mass per unit square volume

78) Which is the largest artificial lake in world ?
a) Lake Volta, Ghana
b) Chilka Lake, Odisha
c) Lake Volta, Atlanta
c) Chilka Lake, Assam

79) The Right of Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education comes with Article 21a, which cover age group of children’s ?
a) 5 – 14 Years
b) 6 – 15 Years
c) 6 – 14 Years
d) 5 – 15 Years

80) Who is known as father of nuclear physics ?
a) Ernest Rutherford
b) Newton
c) Rutherford
d) J.J. Thomson

1) a  2) d  3) b  4) c  5) d  6) a  7) c  8) b  9) c  10) a  11) c  12) a  13) b  14) d  15) c  16) a  17) a  18) d  19) b  20) a  21) d  22) c  23) a  24) d  25) a  26) b  27) c  28) a  29) a  30) d  31) b  32) b  33) a  34) d  35) a  36) c  37) b  38) b  39) c  40) a  41) d  42) c  43) d  44) a  45) c  46) b  47) a  48) d  49) a  50) a  51) c  52) a  53) a  54) d  55) b  56) e  57) b  58) c  59) a  60) a  61) c  62) d  63) b  64) d  65) d  66) d  67) c  68) a  69) c  70) c  71) a  72) d  73) c  74) a  75) b  76) d  77) a  78) a  79) c  80) a

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