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RRB Mock Test Paper 6

RRB Mock Test Papers Exam 2019

RRB NTPC Paramedical Ministerial RRC 01/2019 Test Paper 6

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1) Andaman and Nicobar island are group of how many islands ?
a) 50
b) 250
c) 342
d) 324

2) Nearest Galaxy in the universe ?
a) Milky Galaxy
b) Andromeda
c) Backhole
d) Earth

3) Opium war took place between two countries, which are ?
a) China and America
b) China and Britain
c) Britain and America
d) China and Australia

4) Planet Mars having two natural satellites which are ?
a) Amalthea and Deimos
b) Phobos and Amalthea
c) Phobos and Deimos
d) Phobos and Europa

5) High court beach seat of Sikkim is at ?
a) Pelling
b) Ravangla
d) Gangtok

6) Retirement age of Supreme court judge is at ?
a) 65 years
b) 62 years
c) 61 years
d) 60 years

7) Retirement age of High Court judge is at ?
a) 65 years
b) 62 years
c) 61 years
d) 60 years

8) Headquarters of Coffee board is located at ?
a) Kottayam, Kerala
b) Kochi
c) Bangalore
d) Guntur

9) Which of the following diseases causes by Protein deficiency ?
a) Kwashiorkor
b) Marasmus
c) Goitre
d) A and B

10) Full form of MFLOPS in computer terminology ?
a) Mega Floating Operation Per Second
b) Mega Float Operation Per Second
c) Mega Floating Operand Per Second
d) Mega Float Operand Per Second

11) What are the components of Center Processing Unit (CPU) ?
a) Central Memory Unit
b) Control Unit
c) ALU
d) All the above

12) Which of the following is used as food preservator ?
a) Tribenzoic acid
b) Benzoic Hydroic acid
c) Benzoic acid
d) All the above

13) First Jain Council is held at ?
a) Vallabhi
b) Saptaparni Caves
c) Kundalavana
d) Patliputra

14) First Buddhist Council is held at ?
a) Vallabi
b) Saptaparni Caves
c) Kundalavana
d) Patliputra

15) Which of the following is used for making electrical material and electrical cables ?
a) Neoprene
b) Thiokol
c) Bakelite
d) Copper

16) Who is the chairman of First Buddhist Council ?
a) Sabakami
b) Moggaliputta Tissa
c) Kanishka
d) Maha Kassapa

17) Who is the author of Tughlaq Nama ?
a) Amir Khusrau
b) Amir Shah
c) Shabib Begum
d) None of the above

18) At which place Head quarters of Tobacco Board is located ?
a) Kottayam, Kerala
b) Kochi
c) Bangalore
d) Guntur

19) Which of the following diseases causes by vitamin deficiencies ?
a) Beri Beri
b) Goitre
c) Kwashiorkor
b) Marasmus

20) Second Jain Council is held at ?
a) Vallabhi
b) Saptaparni Caves
c) Kundalavana
d) Patliputra

21) Rexin is an/a ?
a) Leather
b) Artificial Leather
c) Silk
d) A and B

22) Champaran Pleasant movement started by Gandhiji at ?
a) Kolkata
b) Uttar Pardesh
c) Bihar
d) South India

23) Extremist Phase (1905 – 1919) leaders were ?
a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
b) Lala Lajpat Rai
c) Bipin Chandra Pal
d) All the above

24) Mesopotamia is an ancient region located in the eastern Mediterranean. The Word “Mesopotamia” means ?
a) Between two rivers
b) Between two regions
c) Between two countries
d) Between two Oceans
Note: Two rivers: Tigris and Euphrates

25) Headquarters of Rubber Board in India is at ?
a) Kottayam, Kerala
b) Kochi
c) Bangalore
d) Guntur

26) Which of the following diseases causes by mineral deficiency ?
a) Goitre
b) Hyponatremia
c) Anaemia
d) All the above

27) Full form of ALU in computer terminology ?
a) Arithmetically Logical Unit
b) Arithmetical Logic Unit
c) Arithmetical Logical Unit
d) Arithmetical Logical Uniter

28) Barabar Cave edicts were found at ?
a) Gaya, Bihar
b) Jaugada, Orissa
c) Baubri Bairat, Rajasthan
d) Kazipet, Talangana

29) Manusmriti translated in English by ?
a) William Cooks
b) William James
c) William Jones
d) William Martian

30) Gobar Gas is also called as?
a) Methane gas
b) Marsh gas
c) LPG gas
d) Cooking gas

31) Gun Powder is invented by ?
a) Roger Bacon
b) Roger Rodes
c) William Bacon
d) William Rodes

32) Which instrument is used to measure wind velocity ?
a) Anemometer
b) Barometer
c) Anescope
d) None of the above

33) In which Article election of President of India is discussed ?
a) Article 51
b) Article 52
c) Article 53
d) Article 54

34) Mandal Commission was set up on Jan 1st, 1979 by  ?
a) Morarji Desai
b) Nehru
c) Indra Gandhi
d) Vajpayee

35) SI unit of Electric charge ?
a) Amperes
b) Coulomb
c) Volt
d) Watt

36) Which instrument is used to measure wavelength of radio wave ?
a) Barometer
b) Radiometer
c) Wavemeter
d) All the above

37) Abhijnana Shakuntalam is translated in English by William Jones ?
a) William Shakespeare
b) William Jones
c) William fernandes
d) None of the above

38) Blood Pressure is measured with ?
a) Sphygmomanometer
b) Sphygometer

c) Sphymonometer
d) Sphymonamometer

39) In which Organ the dead RBC gets destroyed in?
a) Kidney
b) Liver
c) Heart
d) Pancreas

40) Which is the largest gland in human body ?
a) Kidney
b) Liver
c) Tongue
d) Pancreas

41) Which of the only hormone found in gaseous form ?
a) Ethylene
b) Methyl
c) Acolyte
d) All the above

42) White bud in Maize is formed due to ?
a) Calcium
b) Potassium
c) Boron
d) Zinc

43) Soil erosion can be prevented by which of the following method ?
a) Deforestation
b) Rainfall Prevention
c) Afforestation
d) All the above

44) Example of water pollution ?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Ammonia
d) All the above

45) Human Heart has two chambers, upper and lowers which are ?
a) Auricles and Ventricle
b) Ventricle and Auricles
c) Auricles and  valves
d) Ventricles and  valves

46) Examples of interference of light phenomena ?
a) Oil on water surface colors
b) Soap Bubble colors
c) Light in Mirror reflection
d) A and B

47) Total bones in head of human is about ?
a) 27 bones
b) 28 bones
c) 29 bones
d) 26 bones

48) Which part of the eye is called as film ?
a) Retina
b) Corina
c) Iris
d) Pupil

49) What is the S.I unit of magnetic field intensity ?
a) Magnetic Flux
b) Weber
c) Tesla
d) Weber / Columbus

50) Marsh disease of Pea is caused by deficiency of ?
a) Manganese
b) Oxygen
c) Boron
d) Zinc

51) Covalent compound of water’s angle of bonding ?
a) 105°
b) 104°
c) 100°
d) 180°

52) German Silver is composition of ?
a) Cu, Zn, Pb
b) Cu, Zn
c) Cu, Ni
d) Cu, Zn, Ni

53) Which acid presents in tamarind and grapes ?
a) Lactic Acid
b) Acetonic Acid
c) Tartaric Acid
d) Oxalic Acid

54) Concave mirror is also called as ?
a) Converging mirror
b) Diverging mirror
c) Converging lens
d) Diverging lens

55) Wave length of Red Color compared to violet is ?
a) More
b) Less
c) Equals
d) None of the above
Note: Red: 6563 Å and Violet 3969 Å

56) Electric current is measured in ?
a) Columbus / second ²
b) Amperes
c) Columbus / second
d) Columbus / second ³

57) S.I unit of Conductance ?
a) mho
c) ohm
c) ohm⁻¹
d) Simen

58) Which device used for measuring thermal radiations ?
a) Bolometer
b) Barograph
c) Adiometer
d) Calorimeter

59) Symbol Gautam Buddha’s Renunciation ( Mahabhinishkramana ) ?
a) Lotus
b) Supta
c) Horse
d) Tree

60) In which year slavery abolished in America ?
a) 1683
b) 1863
c) 1836
d) 1638

61) Earth takes ___________ times to rotates on its own axis ?
a) 23 hours 56 mins 14.091 seconds
b) 23 hours 55 mins 4.091 seconds
c) 23 hours 56 mins 2.091 seconds
d) 23 hours 56 mins 4.091 seconds

62) Which is the first layer in atmosphere ?
a) Troposphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Mesosphere
d) Thermosphere

63) Covalent compound in carbon dioxide has angle of bonding of ?
a) 105°
b) 180°
c) 130°
d) 140°

64) Artificial gold is composition of ?
a) Cu and Ag
b) Cu and Zn
c) Cu and Al
d) Cu and Au

65) Convex mirror is also called as ?
a) Converging mirror
b) Diverging mirror
c) Converging lens
d) Diverging lens

66) Symbol of Gautam Buddha’s death, Mahaparinirvana ?
a) Louts
b) Horse
c) Stupa
d) Bodhi Tree

67) In India what percentage of cultivated land is available according stats ?
a) 20.41 %
b) 50.41 %
c) 80.41 %
d) 43.41 %

68) At which place Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is located ?
a) Nagpur
b) Amritsar
c) Chennai
d) Hyderabad

69) Which country is known as land of Canals ?
a) India
b) Pakistan
b) Nepal
d) Bangladesh

70) What is the capital city of Germany ?
a) Paris
b) Berlin
c) Brussels
d) Athens

71) By which Act division of power between center and provinces was made during British India ?
a) Government of India Act 1915
a) Government of India Act 1945
c) Government of India Act 1935
d) Government of India Act 1905

72) Eleventh (11th) fundamental duty was added in Indian constitution by ? 
a) 42nd Constitutional amendment act
b) 44th Constitutional amendment act
c) 85th Constitutional amendment act
d) 86th Constitutional amendment act

73) Governor of state takes oath by ___________ and sends resignation to ___________ ?
a) Chief Justices of High court and President of India
b) Chief Justices of supreme court and Prime minister
c) Chief Justices of supreme court and President of India
d) Chief Justices of High court and Chief Justices of supreme court

74) First (1st) Chief Election commissioner of India ?
a) Sukumar Sen
b) Sunil Arora
c) Kalyan Sundaram
d) Om Prakash Rawat

75) First (1st) Five year plan was started from ?
a) 1952 – 1957
b) 1948 – 1953
c) 1951 – 1956
d) 1950 – 1955

76) First (1st) Five year plan is known by which of the following model ?
a) Prof P.C Mahalanobis Model
b) Ashok Rudra Model
c) John W.Miller Model
d) Harrod Domar Model

77) Sales Tax is known as ?
a) Indirect tax
b) Direct tax
c) consumers tax
d) Retail tax

78) What is the minimum distance to hear echo sound ?
a) 15.6 m
b) 16.6 m
c) 17.6 m
d) 18.6 m

79) Electron name was coined by ?
a) J.J Thomson
b) James Chadwick
c) Rutherford
d) Stoney

80) Who is First Muslim Chief Election commissioner of India ?
a) S. Y. Quraishi
b) Nasim Zaidi
c) Nasim Quraishi
d) Kalam Hyder

1) d   2) b  3) b  4) c  5) d  6) a  7) b  8) c  9) d  10) a  11) d  12) c  13) d  14) b  15) a  16) d  17) a  18) d  19) a  20) a  21) b  22) c  23) d  24) a  25) a  26) d  27) c  28) a  29) c  30) a  31) a  32) a  33) d  34) a  35) b  36) c  37) b  38) a  39) b  40) b  41) a  42) d  43) c  44) d  45) a  46) d  47) c  48) a  49) c  50) a  51) a  52) d  53) c  54) a  55) a  56) c  57) d  58) a  59) c  60) b  61) d  62) a  63) b  64) c  65) b  66) c  67) d  68) a  69) b  70) b  71) c  72) d  73) c  74) a  75) c  76) d  77) a  78) b  79) d  80) a

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