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Science And Technology General Knowledge

science and technology general knowledge

Science And Technology General Knowledge

Science and Technology GK


Father of Indian Space Technology = Vikram Sarabhai

Father of Indian Nuclear Program = Homi J Baba

Father of Indian Missile Technology = APJ Abdul Kalam

Some Important Missiles of India


Ballistic Missiles

Agni – V, Agni – VI, Surya (Intercontinental)

Agni –III, Agni – IV (Intermediate Range)

Agni – I, Agni – II (Medium Range)

Prithvi – I, II & III, Prahar (Short Range)

K – 15, K – 4, K – 5, Sagarika , Dhanush (Submarine Launched)

Cruise Missiles

BrahMos – II, Shourya (Hypersonic)

BrahMos – I (Supersonic)

Nirbhay (Subsonic)


Akash (Medium Range)

Trishul, Maitri (Short Range)

Advanced Air Defence (Anti Ballistic Missile)


BrahMos – II (Hypersonic)

BrahMos – I (Supersonic)

Nirbhay (Subsonic)


Astra, Novator, K – 100, Python,

Army Military Exercises, India with other Countries


Garuda Shakti = Indonesia

Kuruksheta = Singapore

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Hand in Hand = China

Nomadic Elephant = Magnolia

Operation- X = Maldives

Surya- Kiran = Nepal

Yudh Abyas = USA

Lamity = Seychelles

Ekuverin = Maldives

Mitra Shakti = Sri Lanka

Shakti =  France

Shatrujeet = USA

Navy Exercises

Varuna = France

Indra = Russia

Indiex = USA

IBSAMAR = Brazil & South Africa

Slinex = Sri Lanka

Dosti = Sri Lanka

Komodo = Indonesia & other countries

Shade = Japan & China

CORPAT = Indonesia

Konkan = UK

Malabar = USA & Japan

Simbex = Singapore

Jimex = Japan

NasimAlbarh = Oman

Milan = with 14 countries

Air Force Exercises

Garuda = France Aviva

Indhra = Russia

Red Flag = USA Cope

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Established : 15th August 1969

Head Office : Bengaluru

Slogan : Space Technology in the Service of Humankind

Chairman : Kailasavadivoo Sivan

Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO)

Established : 1958

Head Office : New Delhi

Slogan : Strength’s origin is in Science

Director : Avinash Chander

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

Established : 26th September 1942

Head Office : New Delhi

Director : Girish Sahani

Science and Technology General Knowledge


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