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Telangana History | Satavahana Dynasty Ikshvakus to Rishnukundins

Telangana Satavahana Ikshvakus Rishnukundin Dynasty

T-History Satavahana Dynasty

( Ikshvakus to Rishnukundins)



T-History : Ikshvakus to Rishnukundins

Buddhism Flourished throughout Satavahana’s period and at the same time the ruler’s were devoted to vedic ritualism.

Satavahana’s constructed several Buddhist Stupas, Chaitays and viharas.

The Stupa at Amaravati is known for its architecture par excellence.

The decline and fall of the satavahanas empire left the Andhra country in a Political Chaos.

Local ruler’s as well as invaders tried to carve out small kingdoms for themselves to establish dynasties.


During the period from A.D 180 to A.D.624, Ikshvakus, Brihatphalayanas, Salankayanas, Vishnukundins, Rakatakas, Pallavas, Anandagotras, Kalingas and other’s ruled over the Andhra area with their small Kingdoms. Such instability continued to prevail until the rise of the eastern Chalukyas.

Ikshvakus were important among them, the Purana’s  mention them as the sriparvatiyas.


The present  Nagarjunakonda was then known as “Sriparvata” & “Vijayapuri“, near it was their capital.

Ikshvakus Patronized Buddhism , though they followed the vedic ritualism.

After the Ikshvakus, a part of the Andhra region north of the river Krishna was ruled over by Jayavarma of Brihatphalayana gotra.

Salankayanas ruled over a part of the east coast with vengi as their capital.

Next to rule were the Rishnukundins who occupied the territory between the Krishna and Godavari.

It believed that their capital was Indrapura, which can be identified with the modern Indrapalagutta in Ramannapet taluk of Nalgonda district.

By A.D.514 , the land north of the Godavari , known as Kalinga became Independent.

The area south of the Krishna fell to the share of the Pallavas, who ruled from Kanchi.

Buddhism continued though in a decadent form during satavahana’s period.

Mahayanism given wide currency to believer that the installation and worship of Budha & Bodhisattva images and the erection of stupas conferred great merit.

The Madhyamika school of thought in Mahayana was propounded by Nagarajuna.

Sanskrit came to occupy the place of Prakrit as the language of inscriptions.

The vishnukundins extended patronage to architecture & Sculpture.

The cave temples at Mogalrajapuram and undavalli near vijayawada bear testimony to their artistic taste.


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Telangana Satavahana Ikshvakus Rishnukundin Dynasty

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