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TSPSC Previous Questions papers PDF Download

TSPSC Previous Questions papers PDF Download

TSPSC Previous Questions Papers PDF Download


To gain perfection in competitive examination, previous questions papers or model question papers will play crucial role. Analyzing question paper model gives us to segregate number of questions from each topic. 

TSPSC Pervious Question Paper PDF 

Question Paper: SET A



Question Paper: SET B



Question Paper: SET C



Question Paper: Set D



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Number Systems   Click Here
HCF & LCM Click Here
Simplications   Click Here
Ages – Averages – Partnership    Click Here
Ratio – Percentages – Allegations & Mixtures  Click Here
Trains- Distance- Speed – Time  Click Here 
Simple & Computer & Compound Interest  Click Here
Profit – Loss – Discounts  Click Here
Time – Work – Pipes  Click Here
Boats & Streams  Click Here
Clocks – Calender  Click Here
Permutations & Combinations   Click Here
PRobability Click Here
Alebra Click Here
Geometry & Mensurations   Click Here
Trigonometry Click Here

General Knowledge

Chairman – CEO-  Directors Click Here
Important Days In YearClick Here
 All Govt SchemesClick Here
Maharatna & Navratna CompaniesClick Here
Indian Political PartiesClick Here
International OrganizationsClick Here
UNOClick Here
Summits and MeetingsClick Here
Awards by Govt of IndiaClick Here
Indian Railways  Click Here
Indian Banks – Founder, Estd, HQ, Slogan Click Here
Govt Schemes and PlansClick Here
Committees Click Here
Index and RatingsClick Here
Beauty AwardsClick Here
Blood Groups – Acceptors and DonorsClick Here
Science and Technology – GKClick Here


State Information Telangana – GK Open
Telangana History – 1948 To 2014 Open
Ancient Period Of Telangana – Satvahana Dynasty Open
Ancient Telangana History –Satavahana Dynasty(Hala To Pulomavi-3) Open
Ancient Telangana History – Satavahana Dynasty ( Ikshvakus To Rishnukundins) Open
Eastern Chalukyas – Telangana History Open
Great Poets of Telangana Open
Bathukamma – Telangana State Festival Open
Telangana History – Boanulu Festival Open
Telangana Historical Places – Warangal Open
Telangana History – Medaram Jatra Open
Telangana History – Great Leaders( RBVRR) Open
Telangana History – Great Leaders(Kothapalli Jayashankar) Open


Telangana History Bit Bank: Telangana History(1948 to 2014)

TS HISTORY Special: Bit Bank 2018 
Telangana History Phase: 1948 to 1956Open
Telangana History Phase: 1959 to 1970Open
Telangana History Phase: 1971 to 2014Open


Most important & Frequently asked Questions in Exams

Pre-Historical AgeOpen
Satavahana AgeOpen
Post Satavahana Age – IkshvakusOpen
Post Satavahana Age – VakatakasOpen
Vishnukund RuleOpen
Chalukyan AgeOpen
Kakatiya AgeOpen 
Rachakonda Rulers and Musunuri NayakasOpen 
Rule of BahamanisOpen 
Qutbshahi RuleOpen 
Mughal RuleOpen 
Asafjahi RuleOpen
Reforms of SalarjungOpen 
1857  Revolt in Hyderabad: Causes, ResultsOpen 
Social Conditions of during Asafjahi RuleOpen 
Samsthanas in Hyderabad state Open
Land Tenures and Land Revenue System during Asafjahi RuleOpen 
Agricultural Conditions  during Asafjahi RuleOpen 
Freedom Struggle in TelanganaOpen 
Press in Telangana Open 

For Telugu Acadmey Books Class I to X – Click Here

For NCERT Books Class V- XII – Click Here

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