Telangana History 1956 to 1970

Telangana History 1956 to 1970

Modern Telangana History for TSPSC Exams

Telangana History 1948 to 2014

Chapter I: Phase from 1948- 1956 | Open
Chapter II: Phase from 1956 – 1970
Chapter III: Phase form 1971 – 2014 | Open

Bit Bank of Modern Telangana History 1956 to 1970

1. As per Gentlemen agreement, If Chief Minister Post went for Andhra region, ___________ Post should go for Telangana Region
A) Home Minister
B) Deputy CM
C) Governor
D) None

2. 1st CM of Combined Andhra Pradesh (1956)
A) Burgula Rama Krishna
B) M.K. Vellodi
C) Nilam Sanjiva Reddy
D) J.V.Narasimha Rao

3. 1st Dalit CM of Andhra Pradesh
A) Nilam Sanjiva Reddy
B) M.K.Vellodi
C) Damodaram Sanjeevayya
D) Konda Ventaka Ranga Reddy

4. In Which Government, 1st Deputy CM post was assigned
A) Nilam Sanjiva Reddy
B) M.K.Vellodi
C) Damodaram Sanjeevayya(1959)
D) Konda Ventaka Ranga Reddy

5. 1st Deputy CM of Andhra Pradesh
A) Burgula Rama Krishna
B) M.K. Vellodi
C) Nilam Sanjiva Reddy
D) Konda Ventaka Ranga Reddy

Note: In 1959, Damodaram Sanjevay Government (1st Dalit CM) appointed 1st Deputy CM as Konda Ventaka Ranga Reddy. But he functioned for only 3 yrs till 1962

6. 2nd Deputy CM of Andhra Pradesh
A) J.V.Narasimha Rao
B) M.K. Vellodi
C) Nilam Sanjiva Reddy
D) Konda Ventaka Ranga Reddy

7. Pick the correct
A) Public Employment Act 1956(Residence, Rules)
B) Public Employment Act 1957(Residence, Rules)
C) Public Employment Act 1958(Residence, Rules)
D) Public Employment Act 1959(Residence, Rules)

8. According to Hyderabad Kouldari and Agriculture Land Act 1950,
A) Other Regions people barred to buy all lands in Telangana
B) Other Regions people barred to buy Industrial land in Telangana
C) Other Regions people barred to buy city land in Telangana
D) Other Regions people barred to buy Agriculture land in Telangana

9. Which noted lawyer and Telangana leader issued open warning on 12th Dec 1959 to center and state governments?
A) Gulam Ravi
B) Gulam Kiran Reddy
C) Gulam Panjatan
D) Gulam Panjatan Choudary

10. In which year, Telangana Maha Sabha requested PM Nehru to appoint High Powered Committee to inquire into injustices to people of Telangana
A) 1960
B) 1961
C) 1962
D) 1963

11. Which the then Rajya Sabha Speaker (1960) warned central Government about the situation in Telangana
A) Sri M.K.Tyagi
B) Sri C.K. Tyagi
C) Sri K.S.Tyagi
D) Sri V.K.Tyagi

12. By Public Employment (Requirement as to Residence) Act 1957, lower rank jobs were given to Mulki’s from
A) 22nd March 1959
B) 21st March 1957
C) 22nd March 1957
D) 21st March 1959

13. Telangana Safeguards Day
A) 10th July 1967
B) 10th July 1968
C) 10th July 1969
D) 10th July 1970

14. Name the Leader of National Students Union who started indefinite fast in palwancha town on 8th Jan 1969?
A) Ravindranath
B) A.S.Posetti
C) Kavi Rajmurthy
D) None

15. Who was appointed as VC of Osmania University by Nilam Sanjiva Reddy in 1957?
A) Dr. Durga Prasad
B) Dr. D.S. Varma
C) Dr.D.S.Reddy
D) S. Ramachandram

16. Telangana Parirakshanala Committee established in 1969, Its Chairman
A) Mahadev Singh
B) Sultan Salauddin Owaisi
C) Jafar Hussain
D) Katam Lakshminarayana

17. All party Meeting is also known as All Party Accord on 18th-19th Jan 1969 is called by which CM
A) Nilam Sanjeeyava
B) Brahmananda Reddy
C) Damodaram Sanjivayya
D) None

18. G.O No 36 issued on
A) 21th Jan 1968
B) 21st Jan 1969
C) 21th Jan 1970
D) 21st Jan 1971

19. Importance of G.O. No 36
A) Jobs for Telangana Youth
B) Compensation to Telangana region
C) High Budget allocation to Telangana Region
D) Sent Back Andhra Employees under Mulki Agreement

20. Which Single Judge bench of High court ruled nullifying G.O.No 36 in 1969?
A) Justice Reddy
B) Justice Chinnappa Reddy
C) Justice Avula Sambsiva Rao
D) Justice Janganmohan Reddy

21. On 20th Feb 1969, Division Bench of High Court decreed Mulki Rules were proper and maintainable by
A) Justice Chinnappa Reddy
B) Justice Avula Sambsiva Rao
C) Justice Janganmohan Reddy
D) B and C

22. Different Committee on Telangana Surplus Grants
A) Kumar Lalit Committee
B) Justice Bhargava Committee
C) Wanchoo Committee
D) All

23. Kumar Lalit (CAG official) committee appointed with all party agreement on 19th Jan 1969 by
A) Nilam Sanjeeyava
B) Brahmananda Reddy
C) Damodaram Sanjivayya
D) Center Government

24. Justice Bhargava Committee Appointed on
A) 22nd April 1969
B) 22nd April 1970
C) 22nd April 1971
D) 22nd April 1972

25. Centre Government appointed a committee (1969) for recommendations for constitutional amendment to continue Mulki Rules
A) Kumar Lalit Committee
B) Justice Bhargava Committee
C) Wanchoo Committee
D) Justice Niren Dey Committee

26. Members in Wanchoo Committee
A) K.N. Wanchoo(Chairman)
B) Niren Dey
C) M.P.Setlawad
D) All

27. First Police Firing Reported in Shamasabad on 20th Jan 1969 in Separate Telangana Movement on
A) Firing on Osmania Students
B) Firing on School Students
C) Firing on local leaders
D) Firing on framers

28. First Maryr of the Telangana Movement in 1969
A) Sankar
B) Krishna
C) Sridhar Reddy
D) None
Note; Police Firing took place at sadasivapet in Medak District

29. Telangana Liberation Committee was held on 28th Jan 1969 at Warangal by
A) Sankar
B) Kaloji Narayana Rao
C) Sadha Vishavam
D) Narayana Rao

30. Telangana People Convention formed on
A) 27th Feb 1969
B) 28th Feb 1969
C) 29th Feb 1969
D) 30th Feb 1969

31. On 25th March 1969, Telangana People Convention transformed to
A) Telangana Parja Forum
B) Telangana Yuva Samithi
C) Telangana Hakkula Raskshana Samithi
D) Telangana Praja Samithi(TPS)
Note: TPS was founded in 1969. The founding president of the party was Pratap Kishore.

32. First Bandh in Telangana movement (1968-1969)
A) On 3rd March 1968, called by Mallikarjun for police firing in Sadasivapet
B) On 4rd March 1968, called by Mallikarjun for police firing in Sadasivapet
C) On 5rd March 1968, called by Mallikarjun for police firing in Sadasivapet
D) On 6rd March 1968, called by Mallikarjun for police firing in Sadasivapet

Note: Due to political situation in Telangana, CM Kasu Brahmananda Reddy announced on 13th March that each district of Telangana will be allotted 1 crore and separate Chief secretary will be appointed to look after Telangana Affairs and also doubled grants of Pochampadu Project

33. Teachers and Employees observed Struggle Day(Porata Dinam) on
A) March 15
B) March 16
C) March 17
D) March 18

34. On 30th March 1969, Separate Telangana Congress started by
A) Konda Laxman Bapuji
B) Konda Ventaka Ramana
C) Konda Satyanaryana
D) None

35. Eight Point Formula suggested by PM

a) To Appoint High powered committee to find out surplus Telangana funds
b)  Funds should provide to Telangana to incur losses of diversion of funds to Andhra Region
c) Regional Development committee would be setup under chairmanship of CM
d) To Implement plans, committee under chairmanship of Planning commission would setup and committee representatives of central Home and Financial Minister and State Minister would be Members
e) Give more power t o Telangana Regional Committee
f) Make Constitutional arrangements for providing jobs for Telangana People(Locals)
g) To Give responsibility of examining the issues
h) Meetings of Development committee would be held in presence of PM at least once in 6 months

36. Telangana Struggle Day observed on
A) 15th April 1969
B) 16th April 1968
C) 16th April 1969
D) 15th April 1968

37. Midnight PM arrived to Hyderabad city on 4th June 1969
A) Nehru
B) Indra Gandhi
C) V.P.Singh
D) None

38. Telangana Praja Samithi urged people to observe on 12th July 1969 as
A) Black Day
B) Telangana Day
C) Telangana Liberation Day
D) Telangana Formation Day

39. Five Point Plan announced in 1971 by
A) Nehru
B) Indra Gandhi
C) Wanchoo Committee
D) None

40. Five Point Plan:
a) Mulki Rules would apply to non–gazetted posts, Tahsildars, Assistant Surgeons and Jr. Engineers
b) Mulki Rules applicable till end of 1977to Hyderabad city and till 1980 to remaining Telangana districts
c) Create opportunities for promotion of employees of both regions
d) More seats creation for students (Technical and professional schools in city)
e) Joint Police forces in Twin cities

41. First CM from Telangana Region
A) P.V. Narsimha Rao on 30th sep 1971
B) P.V.Narsimha Rao on 30th Sep 1972
C) Jalagam Vengala Rao on 30th Sep 1971
D) Jalagam Vengala Rao on 30th Sep 1972


1.a  2.c  3.c  4.c  5.d  6.a  7.b  8.d  9.c  10.a  11.d  12.d  13.b  14.a  15.c  16.d  17.b  18.b  19.d  20.b  21.d  22.d  23.b  24.a  25.c 26.d  27.b  28.a  29.b  30.a  31.d  32.a  33.c  34.a  36.a  37.b  38.c  39.b  41.a

List of Chief Ministers Andhra State 1950 to 1956

NameOffice TermParty
M. K. Vellodi26 January 1950 – 6 March 1952INC
Burgula Ramakrishna Rao6 March 1952 – 31 October 1956INC

List of Chief Ministers of Andhra State 1953 to 1956

NameOffice TermParty
T. Prakasam1 Oct 1953 – 15 November 1954INC
President’s Rule15 Nov 1954 – 28 March 1955 –
B. Gopala Reddy 28 March 1955 – 1 Nov 1956INC

List of Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh 1956 to 2014

NameOffice TermParty
Neelam Sanjiva Reddy1 November 1956 – 11 Jan 1960INC
Damodaram Sanjivayya11 January 1960 – 12 March 1962INC
Neelam Sanjiva Reddy12 March 1962 – 20 February 1964INC
Brahmananda Reddy21 February 1964 – 30 Sep 1971INC
P. V. Narasimha Rao30 September 1971 – 10 Jan 1973INC
President’s Rule11 Jan 1973 – 10 December 1973
Jalagam Vengala Rao

Marri Chenna Reddy

10 December 1973 – 6 March 1978

6 March 1978 – 11 October 1980



Tanguturi Anjaiah11 October 1980 – 24 Feb 1982INC
Bhavanam Venkatarami Reddy24 February 1982 – 20 Sep1982INC
Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy20 Sep 1982 – 9 January 1983INC
N. T. Rama Rao9 January 1983 – 16 August 1984TPD
Nadendla Bhaskara Rao16 August 1984 – 16 Sep 1984INC
N. T. Rama Rao16 Sep 1984 – 2 December 1989TPD
Marri Chenna Reddy3 December 1989 – 17 Dec1990INC
N. Janardhana Reddy17 December 1990 – 9 Oct 1992INC
Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy9 October 1992 –  12 Dec1994INC
N. T. Rama Rao12 Dec 1994 – 1 Sep 1995TPD
N. Chandrababu Naidu1 September 1995 – 14 May 2004TPD
Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy14 May 2004 2 – September 2009INC
K. Rosaiah3 Sep 2009 – 24 November 2010INC
N. Kiran Kumar Reddy25 November 2010 – 1 March 2014INC
President Rule1 March 2014 – 8 June 2014

List of Governors of Andhra Pradesh 1953 to 2014

Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi1 October 1953 – 1 August 1957
Bhim Sen Sachar1 August 1957 – 8 September 1962
Satyawant Mallannah Shrinagesh8 September 1962 – 4 May 1964
Pattom A. Thanu Pillai4 May 1964 – 11 April 1968
Khandubhai Kasanji Desai11 April. 1968 – 25 January 1975
S. Obul Reddy25 January 1975 – 10 January 1976
Mohanlal Sukhadia10 January 1976 – 16 June 1976
R D Bhandare16 June 1976 – 17 February 1977
Justice B.J. Diwan17 February 1977 – 5 May 1977
Sharda Mukherjee5 May 1977 – 15 August 1978
K.C. Abraham15 August 1978 – 15 August 1983
Thakur Ram Lal Thakur15 August 1983 – 29 August 1984
Shankar Dayal Sharma Shankar29 August 1984 – 26 November 1985
Kumudben Manishankar Joshi26 November 1985 – 7 February 1990
Krishan Kant7 February 1990 – 22 August 1997
G. Ramanujam22 August 1997 – 24 November 1997
C. Rangarajan24 November 1997 – 3 January 2003
Surjit Singh Barnala H E Shri  3 January 2003 – 4 November 2004
Sushil Kumar Shinde  4 November 2004 – 29 January 2006
Rameshwar Thakur29 January 2006 – 22 August 2007
Narayan Dutt Tiwari  22 August 2007 27 – December 2009
E. S. L. Narasimhan27 December 2009 – Incumbent


For Ts Police constable/SI, TSPSC Group IV/VRO,  and other state government jobs, Telangana History will be a huge scoring subject. An average of 15-20 Questions will be expected in any examination. Good Knowledge of Telangana history will boost scoring in the exam.

As Per Syllabus for TSPSC, we came up with the Question Bit Bank series for competitive exams | For complete Telangana Study Notes Click Here

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