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Viral Diseases

Viral Diseases


VIRAL DISEASES – Virus is an obligatory parasite and non- cellar, which is a poison.

Discovery and structure of virus

Beijernick coined the term ‘virus’ and the first virus he discovered is “Tobacco Mosaic Virus”

The general Structure of Virus with a protein coat is hallow core, inside with genetic material and shapes are different.

The helical and size of virus is 20-200 nm

In addition to capsid some virus has an extra envelope and hence called enveloped virus 

Example: HIV, SARS

Main Genetic Material of virus

Animal – DNA

Plant -RNA

Bacteria – DNA


Viral Diseases

There are 400 different types of Viral diseases, some of them are  

1  Influenza or Flu

Respiratory disorder caused by group of virus called “Ortho Mixo Viruses”

Normal flu is caused by H1N1, H1N2

Normal flu due to some secondary Infections like Nemonia causes death.

In 1997 H5N1, virus caused birdflu ” avain Influenza ” started in 2006 – Maharasta 

In 2009 , Swine Flue entered humans from Pigs.

Birds Flu Medicines

Taniflu ( Oscltamavir)

Relenza (Zenamavir)

2  Chicken Pox – Varicella Virus

3  Chikungunya – by the bite of aides mosquito( Toga virus / Alpha Virus)

4  Mumps – Paramyno Virus – which effects parotid types of salivary galnds

5  Measles – Morbilli virus or Rubeola virus 

6  Common Cold – Rhino virus

7  Dengu Fever – Spread by Aedes Mosquito 

8  Yellow fever – Yellow fever virus  – Ades Mosquito 

9  Infantile Diarrhoea – seen in Children – Spread by Rota Virus 

10 AIDS – Caused by HIV

11 Rabies – Lysa virus – spread by Rhabdo virus seen in aminal like dogd , foxes, cats

12  Hepatitis – Hepatotropic Viruses

13  Crimaean Congo Haemorhagic fever – spread by Beenya Virus “Ticks”.

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