Ugadi Telugu Whatsapp Wishes

Ugadi Telugu Whatsapp Wishes

Ugadi is known to be the first festival of Telugu people – beginning of New year. Ugadi is celebrated as Telugu New year by people of Telugu speaking states ie., Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Ugadi also Celebrated in Karnataka and Maharashtra of Hindus as New year Day. Ugadi comes in the month of Chaitra i.e., Lunisolar Calendar. According to English Calendar(Gregorian calendar), it falls in March or April.

Hindus of Maharashtra celebrate Ugadi as “Gudi Padwa” and in Karnataka as “Yuagadi”. 

Ugadi – Its Sanskrit word of Yuga and Adi means Age(Yuga) and Beginning(Adi). “Beginning of New Age”.

Specials in Ugadi Festival Dishes:

In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh a special dish prepared during the Udagi festival known as Bhakshalu, Boorelu, and Bachalu.

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Ugadi is best known for Ugadi Pachadi. It’s prepared with Tamarind, Jaggery, Mango pieces, Neem tree flowers, and Coconut Pieces and Salt – Known as Shad Ruchulu(Six Tastes).

Ugadi Pachadi Preparation Process

Soak Tamarind in water for at least 15-20 mins and squeeze the juice of it. Add Water for required quality and then add coconut pieces, jaggery, ripe mango pieces, neem tree flowers, salt.

Mix till Salts and jaggery melts. Thus it completes tasty Ugadi Pachadi

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Ugadi 2018 Wishes:

Welcome the New Year with new hope and joy
May this year brings you prosperity, satisfaction, and peace.
Have a very happy Ugadi!


 Wish You Happy and Prosperous New Year for Telugu 


 Wish you Telugu New Year


New Start

New Hope

New Thought

New Beginning 

Happy Ugadi to all


Wish you Happy and New Life – Ugadi 


 Turn this New Year to be a year full of prosperity, satisfaction, and peace.


  Wishing you happy new year brims with a harvest of happiness and prosperity.


Ugadi Whatsapps Wishes:

Direct Copy – For Blod Effects in WhatsApp – Ugadi Wishes in Telugu  | Ugadi Telugu WhatsApp wishes

  *Happy New Year My Friend* – Wishes from Best Buddy


 *నూతన సంవత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు*


*నూతన సంవత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు* – ఉగాది 


మీకు సంపద, సంతృప్తి మరియు శాంతి విష్* – Happy Ugadi


తెలుగు ప్రజలకు సంతోషంగా మరియు సంపన్నమైన నూతన సంవత్సరం విష్!


6. *Wishing you, all Your dreams come true from this Ugadi!*


 *Long-Life Dear – Happy New Year (Ugadi)!* 


  *లాంగ్ లైఫ్ డియర్ – హ్యాపీ న్యూ ఇయర్ (ఉగాది)!*


 *ఉగాది – న్యూ లైఫ్ న్యూ స్టార్ట్*


*ఆనందం, ఆరోగ్యం, సంపద మరియు అదృష్టం – హ్యాపీ ఉగాది*

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Ugadi Telugu Whatsapp Wishes

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