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How to dress for United States F1 Study Visa Interview

What to wear for US F1 Study Visa Interview: Getting ready for a big day, like an interview, can be stressful. The F1 US Visa Interview is an important step toward getting your student visa and the last step before you can study abroad, so make your first impression great.

There are no official guidelines for what to wear to an F1 study visa interview for the United States, but you should dress formally.

5 Tips for Making Your First Impression Great in US F1 Visa Interview!


  • Formal attire

The best way to present ourselves for an interview is in formal attire.

For men: Choose a light-coloured full-sleeve shirt and dark-coloured pants. Suits and blazers are optional.

For women: A well-fitted traditional Indian suit or full-sleeved or half-sleeved shirt.

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  • Wear a comfortable dress

Be it formal or Indian suits, always pick according to your comfort zone. Wearing an uncomfortable outfit changes your body language and makes you more nervous.

Any outfit should look professional and also make you feel comfortable and relaxed.


  • Minimal Accessories

Avoid going for an interview with too much jewellery. Choose simple and minimal accessories that complement and enhance your professional look.

  • Avoid strong perfume

Choose a light or mild scent in perfumes or body deodorants. Strong perfume may cause distraction, nausea and headache. Always prefer mild scent perfumes.

  • Grooming 

Men: Have a neat and professional haircut and shave or trim your beard. Clean shaving or trimming bread is a personal choice. Go for what suits you best.

Women: Have simple makeup; don’t wear heavy makeup.

Final thoughts

  • The formal dress always enhances our personality and makes us feel confident.
  • Always have a smile on your face and maintain confidence in talking.
  • Confidence talking makes a bigger difference.
  • Dream high and chase your dreams.


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