Ys 10: Nordics – The Action RPG Sensation That Took Japan by Storm is Coming to the West

The world of Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPGs) is vast and diverse, with many titles capturing the hearts of gamers worldwide. However, there are still some series that remain relatively unknown outside of Japan, despite their quality and depth. One such series is Ys, and its latest entry, Ys 10: Nordics, is finally set to make its international debut.

Ys 10: Nordics - The Action RPG Sensation That Took Japan by Storm is Coming to the West
Image credit: Nihon Falcom, NIS America, Inc.

Ys by Nihon Falcom

Ys is a long-standing series, with its roots dating back to 1987. Developed by Nihon Falcom, the Ys series has earned a reputation for revitalizing the classic JRPG formula with its back-to-basics approach, featuring robust combat mechanics, immersive world-building, and memorable characters.

Despite not being as flashy as some of the more mainstream JRPGs like Final Fantasy, the Ys series has always been known for its heart and soul.

Ys 10: Nordics

The latest entry, Ys 10: Nordics, continues this tradition. Originally released in Japan in September, the game was initially without a worldwide launch. However, publisher NIS America has recently confirmed that Ys 10: Nordics will be getting an English release across multiple platforms including PC, Switch, PS5, and PS3 in “fall 2024”.

What to Expect?

As with previous entries in the series, players can expect a rich and immersive world filled with intriguing characters, challenging battles, and a compelling storyline. While details about the game’s plot and mechanics are still under wraps, fans of the series can look forward to the familiar elements that make Ys games so special.

The anticipation for JRPG enthusiasts seems to be reaching new heights with the upcoming release of Ys 10: Nordics. Amidst a surge of JRPG releases in 2024, including titles like Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the prospect of revisiting the beloved Ys series offers a sense of comfort and familiarity akin to indulging in a hearty meal.

As the year unfolds, the allure of Ys 10 stands out amidst the crowded landscape of JRPGs, promising an exciting journey for fans old and new alike.


The international release of Ys X: Nordics is a significant event for fans of the series and JRPG enthusiasts alike. It represents a chance for a wider audience to experience the charm and depth of this often-overlooked series.

As we await the fall 2024 release, one thing is certain: the world of Ys is ready to captivate a whole new generation of gamers.

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