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Aadhaar linked government Schemes

Aadhaar linked Schemes – Govt Schemes

Aadhaar linked Government Schemes  Aadhaar linked Schemes: Aadhaar card which was introduced in JUNE 23rd 2009 by Congress government Aadhaar, its 12 digit unique-identity number is to issue Indian residents based on their bio metric and demographic. Aadhaar data is collected by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), a statutory authority established in January […]

Maharatna Navratna Companies India

Maharatna and Navratna Companies in India

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE MAHARATNA NAVRATNA COMPANIES 2020 Update: GK Maharatna Navratna Companies 2020 | Inside eBook GK 2020-21 Content GK GS 2020: Click on Topic Name, To Navigate Inside GK 2020 Who is who in India Companies CEO/Chairman International organization International summits & conferences National awards in India International awards Sports […]

intellectual property rights

Types of Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Property Needs

Intellectual Property Rights In India  Intellectual property rights meaning, it refers to creation of mind. Types of intellectual property rights:  There are 3 kinds of IP rights Copyright   Patent   Trademark Types of intellectual property rights with examples COPYRIGHT Related Intellectual Property Rights Copyright is the right of creator […]

Physics general knowledge Notes


Physics Notes For Competitive Exams Speed of Sound Speed of sound depends on what factors ? Factors which influence speed of sound are Temperature Pressure Effect of density Effect of humidity Temperature    The speed of sound is directly proportional to temperature of air     V α √T     […]