6 Helpful paraphrasing tools for students to remotely work

6 Helpful Paraphrasing Tools for Students to Remotely Work

Whether you are writing an academic paper, blog, or some descriptions, you need to be unique to stand on the top position. In this time of the internet, you will get billions of pages for a single query.

That is why it has become common to rephrase different authors’ work to get a unique document in the end. No doubt, it will be pretty simple when you have to rewrite a general blog or article.

paraphrasing tools for students

But you have to pay a lot of attention while looking to rewrite or paraphrase an academic paper. Therefore, we have written this blog for the sake of your understanding regarding paraphrasing and the best tools for paraphrasing.

You only have to read this blog till the end and you will be able to rewrite your academic paper with 100% perfection. Let’s start without wasting time rewriting your paper.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing or rewriting is a specific way to use other authors’ work to write a unique blog or paper. It is done by replacing the words with their synonyms or antonyms without harming the actual meanings of the context.

A writer first has to read others’ work and then rewrite all the ideas in his own words. No doubt, it would be better if you have thought out of the box and written something unique.

But it has become almost impossible due to the availability of a huge number of blogs on almost every topic. Therefore, you should learn about this technique and rewrite other writers’ work to accomplish your task.

Why it is important to paraphrase academic papers?

Many students ask why it is important to paraphrase an academic paper instead of patch duplication or something like that. Being a student, you should know that duplication or cheating is the only thing that an instructor can’t ignore.

When you ask your teacher for some compensation in the deadline, you might get it. But if you have submitted a copied or plagiarized paper, you will directly get an “F” grade in that subject.

That is the core reason why it is important to paraphrase an academic paper before you submit it. For this task, you can check your paper using a plagiarism checker first and then try your best to rewrite those parts that have been found duplicated.

The process to do this task manually is not as simple as it seems to be. You must be proficient in the language because you have to use hundreds of synonyms to get your paper unique and of high quality.

For your ease, we have made a list of the best paraphrasing tools that will assist you a lot in doing this simple task.

List of best paraphrasing tools for students

Whenever you search for a paraphrasing tool on the search engine, you will get thousands of tools. All of them are claimed to be the best of all.

But you will waste your time after using many of those tools. Therefore, we have researched this section and made the following list of best tools having almost every essential feature for rewriting your document.

1.     Check-plagiarism

On the top of our list, we have a paraphrasing tool by check-plagiarism.com. It is the best tool we found in our research because of its efficient and reliable work.

With this tool, you can rewrite any of your documents without considering their nature. This rewriter has multiple working modes from which you can select anyone.

Its AI mode is the best one when you have to rewrite an education document as it will first analyze your document as per human capabilities.

 After this, it will rewrite the document by replacing some appropriate words to make the final document 100% unique and authentic.

In addition to this, the working method of this tool is pretty simple. You can easily understand its interface as you won’t have to follow complex steps for using it.

You only have to paste the content that you want to rewrite for making it unique. This tool will also give you a real-time conversion report just before the final paraphrasing.

It means that you can check what the tool has changed in the original content. After this, you can also check your document’s originality by clicking on the button named “Plagiarism checker”.

In short, you will find all your desired functions in this tool. The only problem with this tool is that it will keep showing ads just beside the text insertion box.

2.     Textreverse.com

When you are looking for a free paraphrasing or rephrase tool, you should give this tool a try. It is another efficiently working tool that won’t ask you for any kind of registration.

You can browse this tool on your computer or mobile and let it rewrite your content. There is no set of complex buttons that will make it difficult for you to use this tool.

Because of its simple user interface, you can learn its working within an hour. You only have to paste the content that you want to rewrite and click on the “Paraphrase” button.

Due to its fast working feature, it will convert your original content and make it 100% unique. For the sake of your ease, this tool will also show you all the words that it has changed in an underlined section.

By moving your cursor to that word or phrase, you can easily get a look at the original and new words. After analyzing the final document, you can simply download the file or copy that text to the clipboard and paste it wherever you want.

3.     Paraphrasingonline.com

On the third position, we have a paid tool that can also make it easier for you to rewrite any document. It is a pretty simple tool but you have to pay the designers of this tool for accomplishing this task.

You have to first register with this tool and then some experts will do paraphrasing for you. All the experts on this platform are proficient and experienced in this field that makes it worthy to invest in this tool.

No doubt, you will get authentic outcomes from this tool. But everyone can’t use a paid tool just rewriting the content.

That is the only problem with this tool but overall you will find it the best of all tools. We recommend you to use this tool if budget is not a problem for you.

But if you have budget issues, you should use any of the above tools because these are free to use.

4.     Rewriteguru.com

If you are looking for a comprehensive tool for rewriting content, you should use this tool by rewriteguru.com. With this tool, you will not be able to rewrite the content but also learn about some new terms.

Like all other tools from our list, you can use it freely and paraphrase the content just with simple clicks. In addition, this tool will show you what has changed in the original content.

Along with this, it will also give you a chance to learn in what aspects it has been altered.

By clicking on every highlighted term, you will be able to know what it is either a noun, verb, or something else.

In this way, you can sharpen your skills by adding a huge number of new words to your vocabulary. In short,

this tool will be perfect if you want to do manual analysis after rewriting the original content.

5.     Seowagon.com

If you want to get side by side look at the original and rewritten content, then this tool will be a perfect choice.

In this tool, you only have to paste the content in the given text insertion box.

It is an AI-based tool that will first understand the meanings of the context before rewriting it. In turn, there is no chance that the content after paraphrasing has some altered meanings.

Due to its side-by-side feature, you can easily get a look at what has been changed in the new document.

Also, you will not find any registration process or advertisement banners on the web page.

It means that there will be no hurdles while you are looking to paraphrase any education as well as general document.

The only problem is that you will not be able to change excessive words than the allowed limit in a single day.

It means if you have a higher number of words, you have to come back the next day and let this tool convert your text again.

6.     Articlerewritertool.com

Last but not least, we have a paraphrasing tool by articlerewritertool.com. It is an efficient working tool that will let you rewrite any document without having issues.

Whether you are looking to paraphrase an education document or the general blog,

it will extract the best outcomes for you. The working method of this tool is not as simple as you have experienced in the above tools.

That is the reason why we have ranked it in the end. You have to first paste the content and then fill the Captcha box to let the tool start working.

You might be asked for some other actions too in this regard that will be irritating for you.

Due to this reason, many students want to avoid this tool.

But if you have enough time to do such actions, you should give this tool a try. It will be good for you to use this tool for rewriting an academic paper to extract all duplicated sentences.

Final Verdict

We have made this list after analyzing more than 100 tools for this simple task. We recommend you to pick any of the top 2 tools because these are the best tools we have used ever.

 Also, you will find perfect outcomes while rewriting any type of content without harming the actual meanings.


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