Apple Vision Pro launch tipped for January 27 in United States

Apple is gearing up for the release of its much-anticipated Vision Pro headset in the United States on January 27, according to supply chain reports highlighted by the “Wall Street Observer.” This information aligns with an earlier report by Mark Gurman, indicating a production ramp-up and the possibility of a retail launch in February.

At the core of the headset’s display technology is a silicon-based OLED screen (OLEDoS) utilizing a “Color Filter (CF) + WOLED scheme.” This innovative method enhances color reproduction by directing white light through RGB color filters, promising users an exceptional visual experience characterized by clarity, rich colors, and overall screen quality.

Despite the imminent release of the Vision Pro, there are already reports hinting at Apple’s plans to unveil an upgraded version in 2027. This improved iteration is expected to feature RGB OLEDoS technology, providing higher brightness compared to the current WOLED+CF model. RGB OLEDoS generates light and color directly from RGB sub-pixels, eliminating the need for color filters and further enhancing display brightness.

Apple Vision Pro 3D "spatial" videos and photos.

Apple Vision Pro, described as a “spatial computer,” which seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world. The device first introduced at WWDC 2023, featuring a ski goggle-like design with a laminated glass front and aluminum alloy frame.

Apple Vision Pro is equipped with two custom micro-OLED displays

Equipped with two micro-OLED displays delivering over 4K resolution per eye, the Vision Pro provides a total of 23 million pixels for a stunning visual experience. The absence of physical controllers is compensated by eye tracking, hand gestures, and voice commands, offering users an intuitive and hands-free interaction.


The Vision Pro boasts a 3D camera for capturing spatial photos and videos, while an external EyeSight display projects the user’s eyes to the surroundings. With Optic ID, using iris scanning for authentication, the device ensures secure access and transactions.

Apple Vision Pro includes 12 cameras and five sensors

Apple’s spatial operating system, visionOS, powers the Vision Pro, featuring a dedicated App Store for the device. Integration with Mac, iPhone, and iPad allows users to connect the headset as a display, broadening its functionality. The device supports a range of activities from work and content consumption to gaming and communication.

Apple Vision Pro includes 12 cameras and five sensors with hand tracking in low-light conditions, and LiDAR depth sensors

Pricing and Availability:

The device is priced at $3,499 and is set to launch in Jan 2024 (rumored 27th Jan 2024), with an initial release in the United States.

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