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Criticism of Constituent Assembly of India 

Constituent Assembly of India, received lots of criticism from critics like Willion Churchill, V.A Simon, Granville Austin, and Ivor Jennings.

Some of Criticism of Constituent Assembly as given as follow

a) Some Constituent Assembly represented one section of community – Willton Churchill

b) Constituent Assembly is body of Hindus – V.A. Simon

c) Constituent Assembly represents congress party,Assembly means congress and congress means India- Granville Austin

d) Constituent Assembly is Lawyers Paradise – Ivor Jennings

Other Criticisms are

                 1. Members were not directly elected by people of India

                 2. Not Sovereign body as it needs to take permission from British Government for Constituent assembly sessions.

                3. Dominated by Congress men( one Party)


1) Books written by Granville Austin

              a) Constitution Of India – Corner Stone of India

              b) Working a Democratic Constitution -The Indian Experience 

2) Prime Minister of British during World War II – Willton Churchill


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