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Biology For Competitive Exams 1

Biology For Competitive Exams

Biology For Competitive Exams

Bits : Biology For Competitive Exams

Welcome to your Biology Test 1

First Virus discovered was
Fungi which are heterotrophic are called
The Property by which living organisms move from one place to other
An Alternative to the chemical called 'Diclofenac' which is an anti inflammatory medicine and analgesic medicine for cattle's 
The Power house of the cell
Metabolism is categorized into
Biology, Bio means life and logy means study was termed by
The first animal cloned was
Virus word is coined by
Conjoint twins which are identical twins of same sex are also called as
Study of Old age and its associated phenomena
NDRI, National Dairy Research Institute is located at
Cell with Primitive type of nucleus
Viscous fluid inside cell is called
The Protein that accumulates abundantly in muscles during the old age, which is indicator of senility
The study of abnormalities during embryonic development 
Mass suicide of migratory birds, which place ?
Very well developed nucleus in cell is called as
Which of the following are Prokaryotic
The study of Seasonal Migration of animals

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Biology For Competitive Exams

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Biology For Competitive Exams

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