Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Moogle: From Cute to Freaky Little Guy

Five days into the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players are questioning the new design of Moogles, a beloved mascot of the Final Fantasy series. Traditionally, these adorable, fluffy creatures have been a constant in the series, but their latest redesign has left fans feeling uneasy.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Moogle: From Cute to Freaky Little Guy
Image credit: Square Enix

In Rebirth, the Moogles look more like koalas than their earlier versions. But it’s not their koala-like look that’s bothering fans. It’s their rodent-like teeth, expressive eyes, and teddy bear-like body. This major design shift has sparked debates among fans. Many of them find the new Moogle “super creepy” and “cursed.”

The redesign has changed every feature of the Moogle, from the shape of the eyes to the color of the fur. Fans have compared this to the Moogle design in Final Fantasy 16 and expressed disappointment at the stark difference. Some fans even say “Okay rebirths moogles kinda ugly.. but I think that the baby chocobos are ugly too”

Despite the controversy, some fans still find the new design cute, although a bit strange because of the detailed facial expressions and rodent teeth. Many fans prefer the Moogle design in Kingdom Hearts, calling it the best design so far.

The Moogle controversy is trending in Japan. Users are comparing the Rebirth Moogle to the one in Final Fantasy 16. Both Japanese and American fans agree that the Rebirth Moogle looks “cursed.”

Even though the Moogle redesign has stirred up controversy, it hasn’t overshadowed the success of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The game has earned the series’ highest Metacritic score in 23 years, proving its quality despite the Moogle controversy.

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