India Strikes in Pakistan dropped 1000 kg bombs

India Strikes in PoK dropped 1000 kg bombs cross Pakistan Balakot

According to sources, Indian Air force reportedly dropped around 1000 kg bombs in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) area on Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camps in early hours around 3:30 am 

Major General Asif Ghafoor Pakistan army spokesperson conformed about news of surprise attack by Indian Air force and stated Indian Air Force violated the Line of Control (LoC)

According to ANI reports, Indian Fighter jets 12 Mirage 2000 struck down a major terrorist camp across the LoC and completely destroyed with dropping of 1,000 kg bombs at camp

Pakistan army spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor, tweeted as ” Hastily escape of Indian Aircrafts fell in open”

Whats is Mirage 2000 Jet Fighter

Mirage 2000 Jet Fighter is Designed by French to Multi Role combat fighter jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation.  India Purchased these fighter jets first at October 1982 with order of  36 single-seat Mirage 2000Hs and 4 twin-seat Mirage 2000TH

Features of Mirage 2000 Fighter Jet

Length14.36 m  
Height5.20 m 
Empty weight7,500 kg  
Loaded weight13,800 kg
Maximum speedMach 2.2 or 2,336 km/h 

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Complete State Info: Jammu Kashmir Capital to National Sanctuaries

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