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Making Of Indian Constitution




Constitution is Fundamental Law/Basic law, which contains the fundamentals of Governance like

Structure of Government

Powers of Government 

Rights of Peoples

Relations between people and government 

Constitution is known as Supreme law of the country, because it is source to all laws in the country.

Constitution is broadly Classified into  four categories

Written Constitution

Unwritten Constitution

Flexible Constitution

Rigid Constitution

Written Constitution

Constitution is said to be written if all the aspects of administration are available in the form of written in a book or books.

American constitution is first written Constitution of World

1.American Constitution was written in between May 25 – September 17, 1787 during Philadelphia Convention

2. George Washington, first president of US(April 30, 1789 – March 4,1797)

3. Father of American Constitution, James Madison

Unwritten Constitution

Constitution is said to be Unwritten if almost all the aspects of administration are carried in the form of convention, practices and usages.

However they may be very few written items in unwritten constitution

Unwritten Constitution, England Constitution.

In Indian Constitution, Lok sabha Deputy speaker position is given to highest opposition party in Lok sabha. It’s Purely a convention( Not written in Constitution)

As on Nov 2017,  M. Thambidurai is Deputy Speaker of Lok sabha.

Flexible Constitution

Constitution are classified as flexible and rigid on the bases of procedures of amendments

If Constitution is amended with simple majority like ordinary law then that constitution is know as flexible.

England constitution is most flexible constitution

Rigid Constitution

If Constitution is amended with special majority and special procedures then that constitution is known as Rigid.

Most Rigid Constitution – American constitution

Based on physical nature, Written and Unwritten are classified.

Based on procedure of amendment , Flexible and Rigid are classified

Indian Constitution, more rigid than flexible and rigid inbuilt flexible constitution

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