Mobile Legends Bang Bang Grock Guide: Skills, Builds, Emblems, and Battle Strategies

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Grock, known for his ability to lock down enemies and control the battlefield. This guide will provide you complete Grock insights on his skills, best build, emblems, and battle spells, along with additional tips and strategies.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Grock Guide: Skills, Builds, Emblems, and Battle Strategies
MLBB Grock Guide | Image credit: wiki

Grock Abilities

Grock is a unique hero with a set of powerful abilities that can turn the tide of a match. Here’s a quick breakdown of his skills:

  • Passive: Earthen Force: When near a wall or turret, Grock gains extra Movement Speed, Physical Defense, and HP Regen. Additionally, each point of Grock’s extra Physical Attack increases his Physical Defense.
  • Skill 1: Power of Nature: Grock raises his weapon to sweep nearby enemies, dealing Physical Damage and slowing them. The damage scales with charge time. Staying near a wall while casting Power of Nature makes Grock immune to crowd control effects.
  • Skill 2: Guardian’s Barrier: Grock releases a shockwave in a designated location, dealing Physical Damage. The shockwave then becomes a stone wall that blocks the pathway.
  • Ultimate: Wild Charge: Grock charges in the target direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the way. If he hits a wall or turret in the process, he’ll deal Physical Damage to nearby enemies and stun them.

Best Grock Build

Grock’s build is versatile, with his Physical Defense increasing based on his Physical Attack. Here’s an enhanced guide for Grock build:

Best Grock Build MLBB
Best Grock Build
  • Antique Cuirass: This armor piece lessens the Physical Damage Grock takes from attackers, making him tougher in battle.
  • Dominance Ice: This item weakens the healing and shield power of nearby enemies, giving Grock an edge in team fights.
  • Athena’s Shield: This shield offers Grock a significant reduction in Magic Damage, protecting him against magic-based attacks.
  • Tough Boots: These boots cut down the duration of Crowd Control (CC) effects on Grock, helping him stay mobile in fights.
  • Blade Armor: This armor not only reduces Critical Damage but also reflects Basic Attack damage back to attackers, punishing them for targeting Grock.
  • Immortality: This item grants Grock a second chance at life by reviving him if he falls in combat.
  • Twilight Armor: This armor activates a shield when Grock takes a large amount of burst damage, helping him survive high-damage attacks.
  • Cursed Helmet: This helmet damages nearby enemies, making Grock a threat even when he’s not attacking.

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Grock Emblem Set

The right emblem set can significantly boost Grock’s abilities. Here’s the recommended emblem set for Grock:

Grock Abilities and Skills
Grock Emblem Set
  • Tier 1 – Agility: This emblem gives Grock extra Movement Speed, allowing him to navigate the battlefield more quickly.
  • Tier 2 – Wilderness Blessing: This emblem offers Grock bonus Movement Speed while he’s in the Jungle and River, enhancing his mobility in these areas.
  • Tier 3 – Brave Smite: This emblem restores Grock’s HP when he deals Skill Damage to enemies, helping him stay healthy in fights.

Battle Spells for Grock

The right Battle Spell can greatly impact your gameplay. Here are the suggested Battle Spells for Grock:

  • Flicker: This is a general-use Battle Spell suitable for most heroes, allowing Grock to teleport a short distance.
  • Vengeance: This spell reflects damage back at attackers and provides a Damage Reduction buff, making Grock more resilient in fights.
  • Purify: While not typically recommended, this spell can counter most heavy-CC enemies, freeing Grock from control effects.

Additional Tips and Strategies

You can choose to play Grock as an EXP Laner or a Roamer. Each role offers unique opportunities and challenges:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Grock Guide
MLBB Grock Guide | Image credit: wiki
  • EXP Laner: In this role, Grock can gain experience quickly, allowing him to level up and unlock his powerful abilities faster.
  • Roamer: As a Roamer, Grock can move around the map, assisting his teammates in different lanes and disrupting the enemy’s plans.

Grock’s skills are versatile and can turn the tide of battle in your favor:

  • Trapping Enemies: Grock’s skills can trap enemies, making them easy targets for your team.
  • Blocking Paths: Grock can also use his skills to block crucial paths, controlling the enemy’s movements and gaining a strategic advantage.

Understanding the timing and positioning of Grock’s skills is key to unlocking his full potential:

  • Timing: Knowing when to use Grock’s skills can make a big difference. For example, using his skills to trap enemies just as a team fight starts can give your team the upper hand.
  • Positioning: Where you use Grock’s skills is just as important as when you use them. For instance, blocking a narrow jungle path at the right time can cut off the enemy’s escape route.

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