Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Guide: Best Build, Skills, Emblem, Spells and more

In Mobile Legends, heroes with unique abilities offer a fresh and exciting gaming experience. One such hero that has caught the attention of many players is duo of Popol and Kupa. This guide aims to provide a complete overview of this hero, including their skills, best build, emblems, and more.

Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Guide: Best Build, Skills, Emblem, Spells and more
Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Guide | Image credit: wiki

Popol and Kupa: The Dynamic Duo

In Mobile Legends, Popol and Kupa stand out as a unique duo. Popol is a little boy and Kupa is his pet wolf. They make a great team in the game. They have the ability to call in units for help during battles, which makes them a favorite among players. This hero is versatile and can take on various role like Jungle or Gold Lane.

Overview of Skills

Here’s a breakdown of Popol and Kupa’s abilities in Mobile Legends:

Passive – Bite ’em, Kupa!: Popol hurls a spear at the target, causing Physical Damage. He then commands Kupa to bite the target, which inflicts more Physical Damage and triggers follow-up attacks. When in Alpha Wolf Form, Kupa attacks fiercely, stunning the target with a flurry of bites.

Skill 2 – Kupa, Help!: Popol calls on Kupa for protection. He gains a shield and inflicts Physical Damage on nearby enemies, slowing them down. Kupa joins Popol in the fight. In Alpha Wolf Form, Kupa rushes back to shield its master and sends nearby enemies flying. The shield and damage get a boost.

Skill 3 – Popol’s Surprise: Popol lays a trap. If an enemy steps on it, the trap explodes after a brief delay, dealing Magic Damage and immobilizing the enemy. It also creates a frost zone that slows down enemies within its range.

Ultimate – We Are Angry!: Popol and Kupa go into an Enraged state. They both get a speed boost and their Attack Speed increases. Kupa transforms into the Alpha Wolf Form, gaining extra Max HP and enhancing its other skills. It also fully recovers its HP.

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Best Build for Popol and Kupa

When playing as Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends, the following items are recommended:

Best Build for Popol and Kupa
Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Best Build
  • Sea Halberd: This weapon not only reduces the healing and shield power of enemy targets but also increases damage on targets with higher HP, making it a great choice against tanky enemies.
  • Blade of Despair: This blade significantly increases damage to enemies when they are on low HP, making it easier to finish off weakened enemies.
  • Tough Boots: These boots help reduce the duration of Crowd Control (CC) effects, allowing Popol and Kupa to regain control more quickly.
  • Immortality: This item provides a free revive when killed in combat, giving Popol and Kupa a second chance in fights.
  • Windtalker: This item enhances Basic Attacks to hit multiple targets and increase movement speed, providing both offensive and defensive benefits.
  • Rose Gold Meteor: This item grants a shield and bonus movement speed when on low HP, providing a last line of defense.
  • Malefic Roar: This item provides massive Physical Penetration based on enemy Physical Defense, making it easier to deal damage to armored enemies.
  • Ice Retribution: This item is a must-have if you’re playing as the Jungler. It provides additional damage and control in the jungle.
  • Wind of Nature: This item grants temporary immunity to Physical Damage, providing a crucial survival tool in fights.

Best Emblem for Popol and Kupa

The optimal emblem set for Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends includes:

Popol and Kupa Emblem Set
Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Best Emblem
  • Tier 1 – Thrill: This emblem provides extra Adaptive Attack, enhancing Popol and Kupa’s damage output.
  • Tier 2 – Seasoned Hunter: This emblem increases damage against Lord, Turtle, and jungle creeps, making Popol and Kupa more effective in the jungle and against neutral objectives.
  • Tier 3 – Quantum Charge: This emblem grants a movement speed buff and restores HP when dealing Basic Attack damage to enemies, providing both offensive and defensive benefits.

Best Battle Spells for Popol and Kupa

The following Battle Spells are suggested for Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends:

  • Retribution: This spell is a must if playing as the Jungler. It helps secure jungle monsters and provides additional control in the jungle.
  • Flicker: This is a general-use Battle Spell for most heroes. It provides a short-distance blink that can be used for both offense and defense.
  • Inspire: This spell increases Attack Speed and allows Basic Attacks to ignore a portion of the target’s Physical Defense, enhancing Popol and Kupa’s damage output.
  • Purify: While not generally recommended, this spell can be useful against enemies with heavy Crowd Control (CC). It removes all CC effects and grants immunity for a short time.

Advanced Tips for Playing Popol and Kupa

Mastering Popol and Kupa requires more than just understanding their abilities and equipment. Here are some advanced tips:

Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Guide: Best Build, Skills, Emblem, Spells and more
Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa Guide | Image credit: wiki
  1. Early Game: Popol, or the player, is the leader and should always be in full command of Kupa and in track of his position. This means you should always be aware of where Kupa is on the map and what he’s doing. This will allow you to make the most of Kupa’s abilities and ensure that he’s always in the right place at the right time.
  2. Mid Game: Popol and Kupa can deal a good amount of damage in the mid game, with one or two core items like Windtalker and Berserker’s Fury. This means that once you’ve built these items, you should be looking to engage in fights and make plays around the map.
  3. Late Game: In the late game, Popol and Kupa’s abilities can turn the tide of battle. Make sure to use their skills wisely and take advantage of their unique abilities.
  4. Vision Control: Popol can set a trap on the side lane or mid to get vision around the area. With this vision, it is safe for the push lane and very good not to be ganked by three or four enemies.
  5. Positioning: Unlike any other Marksman, Popol and Kupa have four active skills and a passive skill. Unique skills help Popol to play very safely in the early game and don’t need a tank to support him always. Popol can do it alone.

Remember, mastering Popol and Kupa requires practice and understanding of their unique abilities. Follow us for more such Mobile Legends guides.

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