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Telangana History 1971 to 2014

Telangana History 1971 to 2014

Telangana History 1971 to 2014

Telangana History for Telangana Police and TSPSC Exams

Telangana History(1948 – 2014)

Chapter I: Phase from 1948- 1956 | Open
Chapter II: Phase from 1956 – 1970 | Open
Chapter III: Phase form 1971 – 2014 | Open

Chapter III: Telangana History 1971 – 2014

Telangana History 1971 to 2014

1. Supreme court upheld Mulki rules on
a) 2nd Oct 1972
b) 3rd Oct 1971
c) 2nd Oct 1971
d) 3rd Oct 1972
Note: Supreme Court has given historical verdict on Oct 1972 stating Mulki rules are constitutional. Thus made to remove all the suspicions and contradictions about Mulki rules

2. Six-point formula declared on
a) 20th Sep 1973
b) 21st Sep 1973
c) 22nd Sep 1973
d) 23rd Sep 1973

3. Six-point Formula recommendations
a) Allocation of funds to backward regions of AP state and state-level planning board to be constituted with the legislature
b) A single policy for entire state in the admission of educational institutes, giving importance to locals and establishment of one central university in Hyderabad
c) Preferences to locals in appointment and promotions in certain jobs
d) Constitution of high power administrative tribunal to deal with a grievance of Govt employees
e) To bring a constitutional amendment to six-point formula
f) Removal of Mulki rules and Telangana regional committee, if above issues in the six-point formula were followed.

4. Reservations in jobs made in 1956 and 1969 were canceled after
a) 1972 Jai Andhra Agitation
b) Six Point Formula
c) CM P.V Narsinga Rao Resignation
d) A and B

5. Local residential status reduced from 15 yrs to
a) 1 Yr
b) 2 Yrs
c) 3 Yrs
d) 4 Yrs

6. Kakatitya university founded in
a) 19th Aug 1976
b) 19th Aug 1977
c) 19th Aug 1978
d) 19th Aug 1979
Note: VC of Kakatiya university: Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy (As of Oct 2019)

7. Universities in Hyderabad
a) Agriculture University 1964
b) Central University 1974
c) Telugu University 1985
d) Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University 1982
e) EFLU 1962

8. Which constitutional amendment was made for a six-point plan
a) 31st Constitutional Amendment
b) 32nd Constitutional Amendment
c) 33rd Constitutional Amendment
d) 34th Constitutional Amendment

9. CM N.T. Rama Rao appointed a committee under _______ to check presidential order implementation
a) Jaya Bharat committee 1983
b) Jaya Bharat committee 1984
c) Jaya Bharat committee 1985
d) Jaya Bharat committee 1956
Note: Report by the committee stated that total 58,962 nonlocal employees were employed in Telangana region contravening presidential order

10. Based on whose report Andhra Pradesh issued G.O 610 on 30th Dec 1985
a) Jaya Bharat Committee report
b) Sundaresan committee report
c) Both
d) Only A

11. Telangana Development Forum was started in 1999 at
a) Hyderabad
b) Warangal
c) New Delhi
d) New York

12. On 7-8th March 1997, a separate state of Telangana resolution was passed and it is known as
a) Bhuvanagiri Declaration
b) Warangal Declaration
c) Jangoan Declaration
d) Telangana Declaration
Note: Meeting convened at Bhuvangiri with demand for a separate state of Telangana

13. Due to pressure from Telangana legislative assembly members, CM Chandra Babu appointed a committee
a) J.M. Khan committee
b) J.M. Gurunath committee
c) J.M. Girglani committee
d) None
Note: Appointed on June 25th, 2001 with one man commission (J Mangaldas Girglani) with the demand of implementation of 610 G.O
14. TRS formed on
a) April 26, 2001
b) April 27, 2001
c) April 28, 2001
d) April 29, 2001

15. Separate Telangana state issue mentioned in a presidential speech on
a) 6th June 2004
b) 7th June 2004
c) 8th June 2004
d) 9th June 2004

16. The then Home Minister Chidambaram gave a declaration on the separate state of Telangana on
a) 4th Dec 2009
b) 5th Dec 2009
c) 6th Dec 2009
d) 9th Dec 2009

17. Committee formed by congress government on the separate state of Telangana issue
a) Sri Kisshna Committee
b) Girlangal Committee
c) A and B
d) None
Note: Sri Krishna Committee formed under the leadership of Justice Sri Krishna. Committee submitted a report on Dec2010

18. Sri Krishna committee recommendations
a) Keep state unite
b) Divide state and make Hyderabad as a union territory and separate capitals for both states
c) Constitute Ralaya Telangana
d) Divide state e) Keep unified and suggested socio economic developments policies
f) All

19. Group of ministers was constituted by Govt under the chairmanship of
a) Chidambaram
b) A.K.Anthony
c) Pranab Murkerji
d) None
Note: On July 30th congress working committee issued notification stating, Telangana will be formed with 10 districts. It also constituted Group of ministers to know opinion from all parties

20. Central cabinet accepted the Telangana draft bill on
a) 2nd Dec 2013
b) 3rd Dec 2013
c) 4th Dec 2013
d) 5th Dec 2013

21. Telangana Praja Front formed by
a) CPI Party
b) KCR
c) Gaddar
d) None

22. Telangana Joint Action Committee(JAC), chairman
a) KCR
b) Prof. Kondanda Ram
c) Both
d) None

23. Telangana Jagrithi formed on June 2008 by
a) KCR
b) Prof.Kondanda Ram
c) K Kavitha
d) None

24. To support Telangana movement, the newspaper started with ‘’Namaste Telangana” on June 6th, 2011 with the editor
a) Allam Kiran
b) Allam Narayana
c) Allam Nari shuttey
d) None

25. All Dalit, Minority caste associations formed forum in 1994 for development of Telangana
a) Democratic Development Forum for Dalit and Minorities
b) Democratic Forum for Dalit and Minorities association
c) Democratic Forum for Dalit and Minorities united association
d) Democratic Forum for Dalit and Minorities

26. Non-Cooperation movement started under the leadership of Telangana JAC on
a) 17th Jan 2011
b) 17th Feb 2011
c) 17th March 2011
d) 17th April 2011

27. Million March organized by Telangana JAC in Hyderabad on
a) 10th Jan 2011
b) 10th Feb 2011
c) 10th March 2011
d) 10th April 2011

28. Sakala Janula Sammey(ALL People Strike) was given at Jana Garjana at Karimnagar and launched on
a) 13th Sep 2011
b) 13th Oct 2011
c) 13th Nov 2011
d) 14th Dec 2011

29. Sagara Haram(Telangana March) on 30th Sep 2012 at Hyderabad under the leadership of
a) KCR
b) Telangana JAC
c) Both
d) None
Note: Demand to introduce Telangana bill at center and state

30. Telangana state formed on
a) June 1st, 2014
b) June 2nd, 2014
c) June 3rd, 2014
d) June 4th, 2014
Note: On 13th Feb 2014, state reorganization bill introduced in Lok Sabha, on 18th Feb 2014 Loksabha accepted the bill
On 20th Feb 2014, Bill was introduced in Rajya sabha and got approval on June 2nd, 2014. Thus Telangana State formed on 02/06/2014

Extra Bite:
Recognizing the intensity of the Telangana movement, the center called for all party meetings on 28th Dec2012, a total of 8 political parties was attended for the meeting. Parties which opposed separate state are MIM and CPM. YSR Congress maintained silence. TPD stood for a letter written to Pranab Murkherjee in 2008.

Telangana bill was passed by parliament starting the formation of Telangana State with 10 districts and Hyderabad as unified capital for both states for 10 yrs.

On 18th Feb 2014, Lok Sabha passed the bill and the 20th Feb 2014 bill also passed in Rajya sabha. On the 1st March bill got President Consent. Thus Telangana as emerged as the 29th state of India on 2nd June 2014

As Fdaytalk Users Request, Answers for the above Questions given below.

1.d  2.b  3.  4.d  5.d  6.a  7.  8.b  9.b  10.c  11.d  12.a  13.c  14.b  15.b  16.d  17.a  18.  19.b  20.d  21.c  22.b  23.c  24.b  25.d 26.b  27.c  28.a  29.b  30.b  

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