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Satavahana Dynasty | Telangana History

Satavahana Dynasty

Satavahana Dynasty

Telangana History

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Satavahana Dynasty
Satavahana Dynasty

According to Matsya Purana there were 29 rulers in Satavahana dynasty. The Satavahans are also called “Salivahanas” and “Satakarnis”.

After the decline of Mauryan empire, Satavahana empire ruled most part of India for about 450 years.

The satavahana dynasty had its roots in Koti Ligala on the banks of river Godavari , in present days its in karimnagar district.

Satavahana dynasty originated from the lands between the Godavari and Krishna rivers.

The Satavahana were the first to issue coins with their rulers embossed on it.

Simuka was the founder of satavahana empire 

Dharanikota in Guntur was the first capital of Simuka. Later, he shifted his capital to Pratishtana(paithan in Aurangabad district)

Shatavahana ruled about 450 year’s, Simuka ruled for about 23 year’s (230-207 BC).

First language of Satavahana’s was Prakrutham

According to ” Matsya purana”, srimuka belongs to “Andhra”.

Origin of Satavahana’s

By Gopala chary, the Satavahans were originated from the place of “Paitas “.

By Mirasi, the motherland of Satavahanas was “ Viddarba “.

By P.T srinivas, the first place of satavahanas was ” Maharastra“.

Srimuka was the first person ,who appeared over coin.

First adopter of Jainism in satavahans dynasty, Srimuka.


After srimuka, kanha (brother of Srimuka) was the empire of dynasty since(248-230 BC ).

Kanha, first satavahana empire ,who defeated the Malwa empire.

After “Kanha”, Satakarni-1 came as ruler of the Satavahana empire.


Satakarni-I, son of srimuka.

Satakarni-I Victories/winnings were described by NaNaghat inscription, the inscription was established by Naghanika, wife of  Satakarni-I.

Satakarni-I, made Rajasuya yagam and Ashvamedha yagam.

Satakarni-I, awarded with the names of Dhakshanapadhapathi and Aprathihathachakra

Srimuka and “Satakarni-1” coins are sealed with “Ujjainee/Ujjain stamp”.

“Yagam” was started for the first time in the ruler of Satakarni-I.


Poornosthugudu, became ruler after Satakarni-I.


Satakarni-II, sixth ruler of the dynasty.He ruled for along period of 56 years.

According to “Yugapuranam” evidence, Satakarni-II was defeated the Magadha and he made Inscription over Sanchi sthupa Dhakshna Draram.

Satakarni-II, captured Pataliputra Kingdom and defeated Vidhisa and kalinga empires.


Pulomavi-I, killed Susharma ruler of Kanva, and captured Magadha empire.

Kunthala satakarni

13th ruler of satavahana dynasty is “Kunthala satakarni”.

Gunadyudu, Sharmavarma were pundits in the imperial court of Kuntala satakarni.

Bruhath katha was written by Gunadyudu in the language of Paisachi  prakruthya.

Khathanthra Vyakaranam was written by Sharmavarma in the language of Sanskrit.

Kunthala stakarni, first ruler of satavahana dyansty, who gave a important to the Sanskrit language .

According to the evidence of Khalakhachanya Kathanika (Jaina book), Kuntala Satakarni was defeated Sakula and he started vikrama shakam.

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Satavahana Dynasty | Telangana History

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