What is Sarco Machine? Suicide pods for a painless death

What is Sarco Machine? Suicide pods for a painless death

Sarco Machine: People in Switzerland may soon be able to obtain a “painless” assisted death because of the work of an Australian company that has developed a 3D-printed pod. The pod is expected to be accessible in the coming days.

The pod was developed by Exit International, a non-profit organization that supports assisted suicide services. The pod was called the “Sarco machine”.

While assisted suicides are already carried out in Switzerland by the administration of liquid sodium pentobarbital, Exit International proposes to offer an alternative.

Pentobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate that is primarily used as a sedative and also in emergencies to control convulsions. It can also be used to treat insomnia in the short term.

It is a sedative that causes respiratory arrest in high dosages. It is used in veterinary euthanasia. It is also utilized for physician-assisted suicide in several nations and states.

According to Philip Nitschke, founder of Exit International, the pod supplies the inside with nitrogen before gradually lowering the oxygen level to 1%. Nitschke stated that the procedure takes less than 30 seconds and the individual will experience disorientation before falling unconscious.

“The individual will enter the capsule and lie down. It’s quite convenient, Nitschke told Swiss Info. “They will be asked a series of questions and, after responding, they will be able to press the button within the capsule, which will activate the mechanism at their own time.”

The pod has overcome legal hurdles and is expected to begin operations next year, according to Swiss Info.

Some states in the United States, including California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington state, Vermont, and the District of Columbia, have legalized assisted suicide.

In the majority of nations, including the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Canada, assisted suicide is permitted only under strict conditions, which include the presence of an incurable or fatal illness.

Nitschke stated that the capsule provides for one peaceful death and may be moved to any town, “idyllic environment,” or selected place.

“The entire procedure takes roughly 30 seconds. Death occurs as a result of hypoxia and hypocapnia, respectively, oxygen and carbon dioxide deprivation. “There is no sense of fear or choking,” Nitschke told Swiss Info.

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According to Nitschke, the pod may be towed anywhere for the death, including “a gorgeous outdoor environment or the facilities of an assisted suicide organization.”

He explained, “Till now, 2 Sarco prototypes exist, and a 3rd Sarco is now being produced in the Netherlands.” If all goes according to plan, the third machine should be operational in Switzerland by 2022.

Are Euthanasia and assisted suicide the same?

No, According to the National Health Services (NHS) of the United Kingdom, euthanasia is the purposeful ending of a person’s life to alleviate suffering. Euthanasia is a medical procedure in which a doctor provides “death medication’ to a terminally ill patient to alleviate her suffering and pain.

On the other hand, assisted suicide is the act of assisting a person in ending their life without a medical evaluation or prescription. In Switzerland, a non-physician may help another person voluntarily end her life.

Is Euthanasia Permitted In India according to Law?

Indian law prohibits both euthanasias and assisted suicide. For the first time, the Supreme Court of India permitted Aruna Shanbaug to die in 2011 by disconnecting her life support system. Later that year, the Supreme Court has ruled that an individual has the right to refuse medical treatment.

“We declare that an adult human being with the mental capacity to make an informed decision has the right to refuse medical care, including withdrawal from life-saving equipment,” the Supreme Court bench led by former Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra observed.

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