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Current Affairs MCQ Questions 24 May 2021

Day Wise Current Affairs MCQ Questions 24 May 2021

Learn Fdaytalk Daily Day Wise current Affairs MCQ Questions 24 May 2021 for all competitive exams, Hindu Paper explainer and Most important news of the day, Hindu newspaper current affairs for all UPSC and state exams. Complete day-wise current Affairs MCQ Questions 24 May 2021.

Daily Current Affairs MCQ 24 May 2021

1) Recently which Indian wrestler arrested by Delhi police in connection with the murder of Wrestler Sagar Dhankhar?
a) Sushil Kumar
b) Ajay Kumar
c) Praveen Kumar

Answer: a) Sushil Kumar

Note: He won 2 medals in Olympics, a Bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and a Silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics

2) Who won the biodiversity Award 2021 in the individual category of “Conservation of domesticated species?
a) Shalaja N.M
b) Khaji N.M
c) Shaji N.M

Answer: c) Shaji N.M

Note: He was known as “Tuber Man of Kerala”, received several sates awards for his efforts.

3) Which film was officially selected to screen at “ChangeNow Summit” in Paris?
a) Ever Slow Green
b) EverGreen
c) EverGreen Lands

Answer: a) Ever Slow Green

Note: Flim was directed by Aurovillian Christoph Pohl, the film was about Afforestation project in a desert plateau at Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu

4) Who won the Formula One Show-case Monaco Grand Prix 2021?
a) Max Verstappen
b) Sergio Perez
c) Lewis Hamilton

Answer: a) Max Verstappen

5) Who won International Hockey Federation President’s Award 2021?
a) Jhansipirya
b) V. Karthikeya Pandian
c) Vaishnavi

Answer: b) V. Karthikeya Pandian

Hindu Paper Vocabulary 24 May 2021

♦ Affluent

Meaning: Wealthy, Having a great deal of money

Usage: His parents were very affluent.

♦ Brazen

Meaning: Bold, without shame.

Usage: She had never met a man so brazen

♦ Buoyancy

Meaning: Ability, Tendency of something to float in water

Usage: Shiva was a man of remarkable buoyancy

♦ Judiciously

Meaning: Sense, Good judgment

Usage: Without judicious planning, we won’t complete the project on time

♦ Fig

Meaning: Eaten fresh, Dried.

Usage: I don’t really care a fig about status.

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