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Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy | Telangana Great Leaders 

Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy, 1st Hindu to be Kotwal (Leader of Fort in Medieval Periods) of Hyderabad during Nizam Rule.

Kotwal is Considered to be a very powerful position, usually held by only Muslims.

Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy was born in August 1869 in Rayanipet of Wanaparthy Samsthan in  Hyderabad State  (presently in Mahbubnagar district). Raja’s family is very renowned as his father was Patel of 8 villages and his Grand Nephew of Raja of  Wanaparthy. His mother died just 3 days after his birth, William Wahab was made caretaker for him by Raja of Wanaparthy.


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In Nizam’s Government, Kotwal is considered to be the Commissioner of Police of the City. It’s the most powerful post in Nizam’s government. RBVR is a Kotwal and also headed the  Baldia in Ex-Officio cadre as Commissioner of Police of the City. He served for 14 years and became the most prominent person.

During his service, he was rewarded with Rs11 for helping to trace British deserters from the army. He was appointed as head of District Police in 1901 and also served as Secretary of the Estate. Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy was appointed as First Assistant to Nawab Imadat Jung when he was appointed as Kotwal of Hyderabad. Raja Bahadur worked for 6 years and made many reforms in the city police.

Venkatram Reddy as kotwal maintained peace in the city during Freedom Struggle gaining strength in Hyderabad and in Khalifat Movement and Ganesh festivals.

Title of  Raj Bahadur :

Nizam was given the title of  Raj Bahadur on his birthday and was also awarded as Order of the British Empire.

Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy got retired from service in 1934 and got Rs 1000 as a pension month. After his retirement, he was appointed as Special Officer of the Nizam’s private estate and also chairman of the Commission for Inquiry into the Indebtedness of the Sahibzadas.

Venkatram is a great visionary, he persuaded the Reddy Community to get an education and take up Government jobs. He Started raising donations from Rajas and Landlords to establish Reddy Hostels and schools.

He Started Reddy Women’s School but Osmania University did not grant him recognition because of his Telugu medium education. He got it affiliated with the Karve Institute at Pune. As a member of the State Legislature, Venkatram Reddy supported the bills for the eradication of child marriage and for widow remarriage.

Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy Family:

His 1st wife died a few months after the birth of his son, Ranga Reddy. His 2nd wife had 2 children.

Daughter of Venkatarama Reddy, Narsamma was married to a contractor who built Pathergatti and his son Laxma Reddy studied law and became a judge of the High Court. and Other Son became commissioner of excise and known as Abkari Ranga Reddy. He adopted Madhusudan Reddy, he is the sole surviving descendant of the last and great Kotwal of the city.

Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy died in 1953 and a statue of him stands in the circle opposite the YMCA at Narayanguda.

Raja Bahadur Venkatarama Reddy Colleges

Rrbvrr womens college 

Rbvrr women’s Pharmacy College

Rbvrr Institute of Technology

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