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Telangana History | 1948 to 2014

Telangana History | 1948 – 2014


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Telangana History
Telangana History | 1948- 2014

Milestones in Telangana Freedom Movement(1948-2014)

September 17,1948

Telangana, which is called Hyderabad state,merged into Indian union on “September 17-1948”.

January 26,1950

Central government appointed a civil servant “M .K. Vellodi” as the chief Minister of  Hyderabad on “January 26, 1950”.


First Democratic elections held, “Burvgula Ramakrishna was the First Chief Minister of Hyderabad

November 1st, 1953

Andhra state carved out from Monday on 1953, Novemeber 1st, Kurnool was the capital.


“Potti Sriramulu” 53 days Hungerstrikes, then the proposal of Amalgamation of Andhra State came in 1953.

November 25th, 1995

Andhra pradesh Assembly paved a resolution on November 25th, 1955 promising to safeguard the interest of Telangana.

February 20, 1956

An argument was reached between Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Leaders, then  “Gentlemen’s Agreement” was  signed by Bezawada Gopala reddy & Burgula Ramakrishna Rao.

Novemeber 1st 1956

Andhra Pradesh Formation day.


M. Chenna Reddy started agitation failure to implement gentle man’s agreement.


Telangana Praja Samithi was formed.

April 12th, 1969

“Indria Gandhi” 8 points plans announced but, Telangana state leader’s rejected.


Jai Andhra movement started.


Telangana employees complained because of injustice in government Department.


Congress demanded creation of Telangana state.

April 27,2001

TRS formation day.


G.O – 610, Girligani committee.


TRS quit coalition from congress in 2006, started own fight started.

October 2008

TDP charged stand declared support for TRS.

Novemeber 29,2009

Hunger strike by “KCR”.

December 03,2009

Kasuju Srikantha Chary is the First person who died for Telangana state.

December 9th,2009

Announced initiating process for Telangana state by Chidambaram.

February 3rd,2010

Five Member Committee headed by Sri Krishna to look into Telangana issue.

December 30,2010

Sri Krishna committee submitted its report, suggested six points.

February 17th,2011

Non Cooperation movement, which lasted for 16 days with 3,00,000 govt employees.

20 July 2011

Yadi reddy died near Parliament.

March 10th, 2011

Sagara Haram, Million march was organised by Telangana JAC in Hyderabad.

September 13th,2011

“Sakal Janula samme” from  September 13th to October 24th 2011(42 days).

September 30th,2012

Telangana March

November 9th,2011

Konda Laxmanbapuji started week long “Satyagraha” at Jantarmantar.

December 28th, 2012

Held all party Meeting, TDP gave a letter regarding Telangana.

July 30th,2013

Congress working committee unanimously paved “TS” Bill.

June 14th, 2013

Chalo assembly rally.

October 3rd, 2013

Union Cabinet approved creation of New State Telangana.

December 6th,2013

Home Minister send Telangana draft Bill to Parliament.

December 11th, 2013

President review bill sent to AP Assembly.

February 18th, 2014

LokSabha passed Telangana bill

February 13th,2014

Telangana bill introduced in Lok Sabha.

February 20th,2014

RajyaSabha passed Telangana bill 

Telangana poru yatra started by BJP Leader KishanReddy for 22 days.

March 1st,2014

Bill received assent of President Published in Gazette.

March 4th,2014

Govt of India declared Telangana state

April 30th,2014

Simultaneous Elections held to 119 member Telangana assembly and 17 Lok Sabha seats.

May 16th,2014

TRS winning 63 seats in Assembly  and 11 LokSabha seats.

June 2nd, 2014

Telangana Formation day.

Telangana important dates 

July 11th

Telangana Engineer’s day(Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur).

September 9th

Telangana Language day(Kaloji’s Birthday).

September 17th

Telangana Vimochana Divas

Telangana Liberation day.

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