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importance of medaram jatra telangana festival

Telangana History – Medaram Jatra

Telangana Festivals Medaram Jatra Telangana Festivals Medaram Jatra After Kumbha Mela, a festival that attracts the largest number of devotees in the country is Sammakka Saralamma Festival. Sammakka Saralamma Jatara which is also known to be Medaram Jatara. Importance of Medaram Jatra Telangana festival Festival/ Jatara starts in Medaram in Tadvai […]

Telangana Historical Places

Warangal | Telangana Historical Places

WARANGAL Telangana Historical Places  Warangal | Telangana Historical Place: State government agency which promotes Tourism in Telangana is “Telangana State Tourism Development”(TSTDC). Attractions of Telangana include many Historical Monuments, places, waterfalls, forests, lakes, and Museums which date back Hundreds of Years that give you, a subtle glimpse of years. Telangana […]