Sunisith Hero Sacrificing Star Sodi Star of Tollywood

Sunisith Hero Sacrificing Star of Tollywood

If you from Telugu speaking states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it’s no surprise you won’t hear about new viral youtube star, Sriramoju Sunisith sacrificing star Sodi star

Sunisith became the talk of crazy viral with trending in google with his false and crazy statements in youtube channel interviews

His script to become a viral started with a false and senseless allegation on anchor Pradeep in February 2020. However, he got little attention form media which made him go further crazy with the next level of allegation claiming Telugu superstars Mahesh, Jr.NTR, Ravi Teja as cheated him as he was the original Hero of Mahesh Babu’s “One” movie, Jr.NTR’s “Nana Ku Perma Tho” and Ravi Teja’s “Balupu” movies

His allegations were never ended with Tollywood Telugu Male superstars, to add more masala in the controversy he dragged Heroines Lavanya Tiparti and Tamanna Bhatia. Sriramoju Sunisith turned more viral with his statements on Lavanya Tiparti as his ex-wife and Tamanna Bhatia as his ex-girlfriend

Who is Sriramoju Sunisith alias Sacrificing star

Sriramoju Sunisith hails from Warangal district, Telangana State, completed his Master of Engineering from Osmania University and worked as Asst. Professor in SRIT and Guru Nanak engineering colleges

He did a diploma in story and screenplay from Film Nagar Acamedy from June to August 2019. He completed his diploma in August 2019, with a gap of 6 months i.e., as of March 2020 he claimed to have worked as a writer for more than 100 films and acted in 40 films as a supporting role

His crazy claims were never endless, as he stated as Senior Artist, Writer, Casting Director, Anchor, Fashion Model, Singer, acted advertisements, worked as a writer for more than 100 films, acted in 40 films as a supporting role, worked as a singer for 5 films and song in Bahubali, did two skits in Jabardasth in Adi and Ram Prasad Teams, worked as a writer for few skits in Jabardasth show, participating in Patas Program and on on on…..

As a final touch, he also claimed as his ex CBI Senior Investigator

Action on Sriramoju Sunisith

Everyone person will like to be famed and known by others. To get name and fame many will struggle to their life to get recognized. But few people step out with the wrong approach, false claims, and allegations which is punishable with imprisonment 4 years and fine under Indian Laws

Stay away with cheap publicity stunts and stay safe

To Report about Sriramoju Sunisith to Telangana DGP, follow @TelanganaDGP

Latest Update on Sriramoju Sunisith Arrest

As per the report from sources, Actress Lavanya Tiprati lodge a police complaint in Cyber Crime Cell, Cyberabad on Sriramoju Sunisith for his defaming comments in various youtube interviews. Police registered a case on Sunisith for defaming Lavanya Tiprati reputation with his allegation in youtube interviews

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